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Political Parties and Electoral Change

Political Parties and Electoral Change
Party Responses to Electoral Markets

First Edition
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May 2004 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How have Europe's mainstream political parties responded to the long-term decline in voter loyalties?

What are the consequences of this change in the electoral markets in which parties now operate?

Popular disengagement, disaffection, and withdrawal on the one hand, and increasing popular support for protest parties on the other, have become the hallmarks of modern European politics.

This book provides an excellent account of how political parties in Western Europe are perceiving and are responding to these contemporary challenges of electoral dealignment.

Each chapter employs a common format to present and compare the changing strategies of established parties and party systems in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Ireland.

The result is an invaluable portrait of the changing electoral environment and how parties are interacting with each another and voters today.

Political Parties and Electoral Change is essential reading for anybody seeking a deeper understanding of contemporary electoral politics and of the challenges facing west European party systems.

Peter Mair is Professor of Comparative Politics at Leiden University.

Wolfgang C. M ller is Professor of Political Science at the University of Mannheim and previously taught at the University of Vienna.

Fritz Plasser is Professor of Political Science at the University of Innsbruck.

Peter Mair, Wolfgang C M[um]uller and Fritz Plasser
Electoral Challenges and Party Responses

Paul Webb
Party Responses to the Changing Electoral Market in Britain
Andrew Knapp
Ephemeral Victories? France's Governing Parties, the Ecologists, and the Far Right
Susan E Scarrow
Embracing Dealignment, Combating Realignment
German Parties Respond

Luciano Bardi
Party Responses to Electoral Dealignment in Italy
Wolfgang C M[um]uller, Fritz Plasser and Peter A Ulram
Party Responses to the Erosion of Voter Loyalties in Austria
Weakness as an Advantage and Strength as a Handicap

Kris Deschouwer
Political Parties and Their Reactions to the Erosion of Voter Loyalty in Belgium
Caught in a Trap

Lars Bille and Karina Pedersen
Electoral Fortunes and Responses of the Social Democratic Party and Liberal Party in Denmark
Ups and Downs

Peter Mair and Michael Marsh
Political Parties in Electoral Markets in Postwar Ireland
Peter Mair, Wolfgang C M[um]uller and Fritz Plasser
Political Parties in Changing Electoral Markets


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