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Political Leadership

Political Leadership

Four Volume Set
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June 2011 | 1 608 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Leadership is one of the principal interests of the social sciences. Drawing on psychology, sociology, anthropology and business studies as well as philosophy and history, this four-volume collection focuses on democratic leadership in the political sphere. What makes a successful political leader? How much influence can an individual really have? Why are so few top political leaders women? David Bell roots this collection in the classic works of Machiavelli and Weber, before turning to the work of the American political scientists who were the first to study leadership in a systematic way in the 1960s, and coming right up-to-date with the work of Skowronek and others.

Theories of leadership

Machiavelli and political leadership

Weber's view of political leadership

Leadership character

Ethics of leadership

The entourage - the leader's team

Political artifice in leadership

The leadership effect.

Theories of Leadership
Theory of Transformational Leadership Redux

Bernard Bass
Leadership Theory and Administrative Behavior

Warren Bennis
Leading Question: The Romance Lives On: Contemporary Issues Surrounding the Romance of Leadership

Michelle Bligh and Birgit Schyns
Poor Man, Rich Man, Big Man, Chief

Marshall Sahlins
The Concept of Political Leadership

Leon Dion
Visionary Political Leadership

Yehezkel Dror
The Comparative Analysis of Political Leadership

Lewis Edinger
Where are the Political Superstars

Lewis Edinger
Brinkmanship and Beyond: The Political Leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Jaap Hoogenboezem
Leadership and Politics: A Case for a Closer Relationship?

Gillian Peele
Culture and Charisma

Philip Smith
Political Leadership as a Causative Phenomenon

Chong-Do Hah and Frederick Bartol
Prudence as a Paradigm for Political Leaders

Wynne Moskop
Political Leadership as Social Capital

Stanley Renshon
Thad Williamson

The good society and the good soul: Plato's Republic on leadership

Do Leaders Make a Difference?
Compliant Behaviour and Individual Personality

Reinhard Bendix
The Rôle of the Individual in History

Herbert Butterfield
The Qualities of Effective Presidents

Fred Greenstein
Let us now Praise Great Men

Daniel Byman and Kenneth Pollack
Gertrude Himmelfarb : A Historian Considers Heroes and Their Historians

Lewis Feuer
Innovative Leadership and Political Change

Jeremy Moon
Heroic Power in Thomas Carlyle and Leo Tolstoy

Ilia Stambler
Who Leads Matters

Margaret Hermann
Transactional and Transformational Leadership

Karl Kuhnert and Philip Lewis
Biography and the Assessment of Transformational Leadership at the World-Class Level

Bernard Bass, Bruce Avolio and Laurie Goodheim
Weber's View
Critical Remarks on Weber's Theory of Authority

Peter Blau
Political Leadership and the Problem of Charismatic Power

Carl Friedrich
Max Weber on the Ethical Irrationality of Political Leadership

Nicholas Gane
The Theory of Charismatic Leadership

Robert Tucker
Charisma: A Blighted Concept and an Alternative Formula

William Spinrad
An Evaluation of Conceptual Weaknesses in Transformational and Charismatic Leadership Theories

Gary Yukl
Machiavelli's Analysis of Leadership
Public vs. Private Claims

John Leonard
Machiavelli's Missing Romulus and the Murderous intent of the Prince

Joseph Parent
Ethics and Politics in Machiavelli

George Parkinson
Machiavelli and Neustadt on Virtue and the Civil Prince

Stephen Wirls
Machiavelli's Soderini and the problem of Necessity

Daniel Sabia
Personality of Political Leaders
The Fiery Chariot: British Prime Ministers and the Search for Love

Hugh Berrington
Assessing Presidential Character

Alexander George
Power as a Compensatory Value for Political Leaders

Alexander George
Can Politics and Personality be studied systematically?

Fred Greenstein
The Impact of Personality on Politics

Fred Greenstein
Family Experience and Political Leadership: Examining the Absent Father Hypothesis

Micheline Guiton and Elizabeth Marvick
The Outsider as Political Leader: The Case of Margaret Thatcher

Anthony King
Personality and Political Leadership

Robert Tucker
Leaders as Creators

Michael Mumford and Mary Connelly
The Georges' Wilson Re-examined

Robert Tucker
Why Men Rule

Steven Goldberg
Beyond Hillary and Benazir'

Farida Jalalzai and Mona Krook
Review: Sex and the Social Order

Eleanor Maccoby
Reverse Discrimination, Shackled Runners And Personal Identity

Michael Levin
The Political Morality of Leadership
Clean and Dirty Hands in Politics

H. Oberdiek
Leadership Ethics

Joanne Ciulla
International Ethics and International Law'

Terry Nardin
Clean and Dirty Hands in Politics

H. Oberdiek
Kant's advice for leaders: "No, you aren't Special"

Terry Price
Political Action: The Problem of Dirty Hands

Michael Waltzer
The Pole of Power and the Pole of Indifference

Arnold Wolfers
Statesmanship and Moral Choice

Arnold Wolfers
Statesmanship and Ethics

Stephanie Newbold
The Leadership Entourage
The Creation of Uncertainty

F.G. Bailey
Leader-Member Exchange Model of Leadership: A Critique and Further Development

Richard Dienesch and Robert Liden
Leadership, Followership, Self and Others

Edwin Hollander
Discourse and Symbolism in Leadership
Understanding Formality: The Categorisation and Production of "Formal" Interaction

J. Maxwell Atkinson
Defining Moments, Presidential Debates and the Dynamics of Quotability

Steven Clayman
Aphorisms and Clichés: The Generation and Dissipation of Conceptual Charisma

Murray Davis
Downplaying Leadership: Researching How Leaders Talk About Themselves

Robert French and Peter Simpson
Leading Questions: Questions about Autobiographical Leadership

Peter Gronn
Aphorisms and Leaders' Rhetoric

Kevin Morrell
Leading by Biography: Towards a Life-story Approach to the Study of Leadership

Boas Shamir, Hava Dayan-Horesh and Dalya Adler
Churchill the Phrase Forger

Manfred Weidhorn
The Cycle of Leadership and Presidentialism
Theory and History, Structure and Agency

Stephen Skowronek
Response to Critics

Stephen Skowronek
The Politics of Politics

Douglas Hoekstra
What Politics do Presidents make?

Sidney Milkis
Machiavelli and Neustadt on Virtue and the Civil Prince

Stephen Wirls