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Political Behavior of the American Electorate

Political Behavior of the American Electorate

12th Edition

December 2009 | 280 pages | CQ Press
Students know that the 2008 elections were a watershed event in American political history. They&BAD:rsquo;ve read and watched the coverage, but do they have a deep understanding of what happened, beyond YouTube and the talking heads? Do they know why voters cast their ballots the way they did? Flanigan and Zingale continue their thorough and accessible analytical overview of the political behavior of the American voter in this twelfth edition. Delving deeply into the 2008 National Election Study data, the authors explore the impact of innovative mobilization efforts, the effects of the waning war in Iraq and the economic slump on voting choice, and the continuing trends of polarization and partisanship&BAD:mdash;all in a way that is clear and engaging to students. The book&BAD:rsquo;s updated tables and figures are available electronically and free for adopters, and a brandnew companion website offers datasets and exercises.

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ISBN: 9781604265217