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Policing and Criminology

Policing and Criminology

July 2011 | 172 pages | Learning Matters
A concise and up to date introduction to criminology for those undertaking degrees and foundation degrees in policing, police studies and related subjects. It provides an introduction to criminological perspectives on the development of the police service over the last 200 years alongside an overview of contemporary themes. Key topics include the changing role of policing, police governance and accountability, policing philosophies and strategies and the globalisation of policing. The book also examines the role criminology has played in the modernisation agenda and police reform, the shift to evidence-led policing, and the relationship between criminological theory and police practice.
An Introduction to Criminology
Policing and Society
The Evolution of Policing in the Twentieth Century
Theories of Police Culture
Police Reform and the Restoration of Community Policing
Policing in a Multi-Agency Context
Police Ethics, Values and Legitimacy
The Globalisation of Policing
Policing in the Twenty-First Century: Towards the Active Community?

A useful reference

Mr Maurice Collins
Policing Department, Bucks New University
March 9, 2012

I found this work most useful as a summary of, and sign-post to, the work of the various academics in the field. It is a short work and does not offer detailed coverage of any particular area. From the inclusion of reflective and practical tasks, I'm assuming it is aimed at a particular student audience, and probably at the introductory level.

Dr Clare Beckett
Dept of Social Sciences & Humanities, Bradford University
March 6, 2012