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Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Planning the Primary National Curriculum
A complete guide for trainees and teachers

Second Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)

January 2018 | 304 pages | Learning Matters
A complete guide for trainees and teachers

To prepare to teach the new Primary National Curriculum, you need more than just the Programmes of Study. You need a resource to help you understand, plan for, teach and assess the curriculum. This is it! Your guide to planning the Primary National Curriculum.

This book explores how to plan in primary schools. It covers curriculum design and structure, challenges to learning, and how children learn. New in this edition is a chapter on planning for mastery.

For each curriculum subject the programme of study is included, with notes to help you interpret it for your own class. The text covers how the teaching of each subject can be organised, assessment opportunities, key and essential resources in each subject, and how ICT can best be used in each subject to enhance teaching. Sequenced lesson examples in all subject chapters link theory to practice and highlight progression.

The final section of the book explores the many ways in which the curriculum can be delivered. It includes the creative curriculum, dialogic teaching, cross-curricular learning and more current thinking about interpreting the curriculum.  

About this book
SECTION 1 Overview of planning
1 The planning context
2 Principles of planning
3 Mastery in the National Curriculum
SECTION 2 Subject planning
4 Planning English in the national curriculum
5 Planning mathematics in the national curriculum
6 Planning science in the national curriculum
7 Planning art and design in the national curriculum
8 Planning computing in the national curriculum
9 Planning design and technology in the national curriculum
10 Planning geography in the national curriculum
11 Planning history in the national curriculum
12 Planning languages in the national curriculum
13 Planning music in the national curriculum
14 Planning physical education in the national curriculum
SECTION 3 Putting the curriculum together

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2: Principles of Planning

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