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Theories and Applications

Second Edition

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January 2024 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Personality: Theories and Applications takes an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to the study of personality. Author Eric Shiraev structures the text around three questions: What are the basic ideas and facts that we focus on? How do we study these ideas and facts? How do we apply them? Students will benefit from a deeper understanding of personality as they navigate a wide range of theories, empirical studies, and thought-provoking exercises, fostering enhanced critical thinking and knowledge. The Second Edition includes a new chapter on the digital domain of personality, incorporates the latest findings from the fields of behavioral economics and neuroscience, and offers expanded coverage of LGBTQ+ issues, including prejudice and cultural stereotypes.

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Part I. Foundations
Chapter 1 Introducing Personality
Chapter 2 Scientific Foundations to Study Personality
Chapter 3 Research Methods
Part II. Psychological Traditions
Chapter 4 Psychoanalytic Tradition
Chapter 5 The Behavioral-Learning Tradition
Chapter 6 The Trait Tradition
Chapter 7 The Cognitive Tradition
Chapter 8 The Humanistic Tradition
Part III. Personality Domains
Chapter 9 The Developmental Domain
Chapter 10 The Gender Domain
Chapter 11 The Clinical Domain
Chapter 12 Personality: The Adjustment Domain
Chapter 13 The Digital Domain
Part IV. Conclusion
Chapter 14 Personality Psychology in the 2030s


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