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Personal Development in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Personal Development in Counselling and Psychotherapy

© 2012 | 184 pages | Learning Matters
There is an increased emphasis on self awareness and self care in counselling and psychotherapy training, with a focus on how the therapist as a person affects the therapeutic outcome. This timely book responds to these complex issues and is designed to help counselling students, trainees and graduates with integrating their personal development into their professional planning. There are chapters on bringing the Self into therapy, choosing the right training and how to succeed as an accredited practitioner. Activities and research summaries throughout give this book a fully-integrated approach ideal for busy students.
What is Personal Development?
The 'Good Enough' Therapist
Trust and Support for Personal and Professional Growth
The Anatomy of Healing
Theory and The Therapist as a Person
Accountability and Transparency
Marie Adams
Placing Ourselves in Context: Research as a Personal Narrative
Beverley Costa
A Therapeutic Journey Across Cultural and Linguistic Borderlands
Being a Listener with a Voice
Taking Charge of Your Own Learning and Development

Students particularly enjoy the case studies and linking the theory to practice. Personal development is key to any career and students are encouraged to reflect on their own personal development throughout the course. This book provides a variety of reflection points and activities that engage students in their own learning process. The reflection points can also be used by lecturers during class to focus students' learning.

Dr Helen Nicholas
Psychology Department, Worcester University
March 17, 2016

Highly appropriate material for students experiencing personal development through counselling training.

Mrs denise hardy
Dept of Counselling, Redcar & Cleveland College
November 16, 2015

A fantastic personal development book. Easy to read and understand.

Miss Nicola Lord
department of health, preston collage
March 9, 2015

Required reading for counselling students- very few suitable texts on this subject availiable

Mr Keith Walmsley-Smith
Psychology & Mental Health, Staffordshire University
August 11, 2014

As personal development is an essential part of the leaning via the courses we deliver this book has been recommended for students. Many of the exercises from the book are planned into self-awareness sessions on the scheme of work

Ms Stella Burgoyne
Business & Professional Studies, Blackpool and the Fylde College
March 31, 2014

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