Books Permissions

SAGE Publications is partnered with Copyright Clearance Center for the administration of requests for permission to use SAGE material. Most requests made through the Copyright Clearance Center can be processed immediately. Please direct all permissions requests to the Copyright Clearance Center at

Tips for a Successful Permissions Request

  • Ensure the content you want to re-use is not credited to another source. SAGE can only grant permission for content original to our publications. 
  • Include as much identifying information as possible for the SAGE content you want to re-use, including the ISBN, title, author(s) and page or chapter numbers.
  • Describe the re-use and what rights you need including languages, formats, territories and the expected print run/number of readers.
  • Send the request at least five weeks before you need to re-use the content as some requests can take up to four weeks to process.

Authors Reprinting Their Own Work

If you are a SAGE book author and wish to re-use your own work, you may re-use excerpts from your SAGE book for classroom teaching, without seeking permission from SAGE.  For any other use of your work including the inclusion of your work in an institutional repository, please email

How to Use the CCC Republication Service®

  1. Search for the book by ISBN, Title or Author on

    Copyright Clearance Center example

  2. Select the correct title from the search results.  Select the intended re-use from the options provided and click ‘Price & Order’.

    Copyright Clearance Center example 2

  3. If there is a fee associated with the permission, you will need to create an account on to complete your request. Be sure to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the permissions grant prior to completing your request

If you are unable to comlete a request through, please email details of the publication and intended re-use to Email requests can take up to four weeks to process.