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Performance Management and Appraisal Systems

Performance Management and Appraisal Systems
HR Tools for Global Competitiveness

First Edition
  • T. V. Rao - Chairman, TVRLS, Ahmedabad, India

May 2004 | 330 pages | SAGE Response
Performance management is a means of identifying critical dimensions of performance, its planning, review and development. It is a simple and commonsensical way to measure productivity as also to enhance performance and is a critical tool for organizations in today's competitive environment. Organizations are constantly on the lookout for a performance system that is appropriate to their environment and work culture.

This book explores the many facets of performance management and how it works. The author defines performance management as a continuous process which consists of defining, planning, analyzing and developing performance through competency building. It focuses on commitment and support building as also recognizing and rewarding performance and contribution.

The author maintains that more than just a method of reviewing performance, a performance management facilitates learning among managers. This system brings about role clarity and resultantly, there is more focus on performance development. It also raises levels of trust, which create better communication, and as a consequence a more transparent and productive organization. A key feature of the book is that it advises organizations to shift their focus from an appraisals only approach to the more holistic framework of performance management. This will ensure growth and development of employee performance.

This book is discusses the latest theoretical developments in the field in a jargon free and accessible style. It encompasses critical implementation aspects of performance management and includes a number of chapters which provide insightful information on performance management. It also includes recent experiences of organizations which have incorporated performance management systems in their structure, thus giving the reader a realistic and comprehensive feel of the topic.

Introduction to Performance Management
Planning Performance for Role Clarity, Accountability and Effectiveness
Increasing Self-Awareness and Understanding

Performance Analysis
Improving Quality of Performance Ratings
Performance Review Discussion
Using Performance Management Systems Data for HR Decisions and Performance Improvements
Performance Management Systems and Appraisal Practices in India
The 1990s Scenario

Performance Management Systems and Appraisal Practices in Some Asian Countries
Making Performance Management Systems and Appraisals Work
Monitoring Performance Planning Analysis and Development Systems
Focusing on Team Performance for Better Results
Rating-Less Appraisals for the Future of Performance Management Systems
Performance Management
From Systems to Spiritual Approach

Implementing Performance Management Systems
Performance Management Systems in Select Organisations
360 Degree or Multirater Assessment and Feedback Systems
Potential Appraisal
References and Bibliography

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