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Participation and Empowerment in Organizations

Participation and Empowerment in Organizations
Modeling, Effectiveness, and Applications

January 2000 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book takes a crtitical look at employee participation in organizational decision making. It is the first book to do this by integrating into one source the various facts, theories, and applications concerning participation and empowerment in organizational settings. Through the extensive use of graphs and tables, the book traces the origins of worker participation in management and decision making, examines the repertoire of empowerment and participatory techniques as applied throughout the world, and assesses, by means of empirical evidence, which technique works best.

Employee Participation
Employee Participation
What Does It Mean?

The Dynamics of Group Decisions
Motivational and Cognitive Factors

Empirical Research on Employee Participation
Leadership and Participation
Participation in Goal Setting
Employee Empowerment
Applications of Participation and Empowerment
The Present and Future of Participation and Empowerment


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ISBN: 9780761907343

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