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Page Budgets

Your journal has a contractual number of pages allowed per volume. Maintaining awareness of your page usage (both when accepting manuscripts and planning issues) is important for optimizing publication schedules and minimizing extra costs. Exceeding your page budget can be costly and we strive to help you keep your journal within its page budget:

  • We provide the flexibility to divide your volume page budget among that volume’s issues however you prefer. Some issues can be longer and some shorter, as long as the total pages for the volume don’t exceed the budget.
  • We recommend that you publish any special issues early in a volume, as special issues have the tendency to exceed initial page budget estimates.
  • We provide easy-access reminders about your page budget (and more) in your customized Quick Ref guide, which also features a method for estimating the number of journal pages a manuscript will require.
  • We provide up-to-the-minute information about your current and historical articles, including page counts and much more, on our SMART website (for more information, see the What is SMART?).

Please discuss any page budget challenges with your PE.

What counts toward page budget?

Editorial content, plus any special elements on interior pages, such as:

  • TOC (Table of contents)
  • Verso (Postal/copyright info)
  • Editorial board
  • Call for papers
  • Reviewer lists
  • Submission guidelines
  • Abstracts
  • Indexes

Please consult your journal’s contract for additional details about your page budget and the costs of extra pages.