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Our People

Founder and Chairman

Sara Miller McCune Sara Miller McCune
Founder and Executive Chairman


SAGE Board of Directors

Gretchen Bataille
ROI Consulting Group

Brian Belchers

Dr. Renu Khator
Chancellor and President
University of Houston

Susan Gibbons 
University Librarian and Deputy Provost for Libraries & Scholarly Communication 
Yale University

Timo Hannay 
Founder, SchoolDash

David F. McCune

Sara Miller McCune
Publisher and Executive Chairman

Douglas McCune

Peggy O'Brien
Director of Education, Folger Shakespeare Library

Blaise R. Simqu
President and Chief Executive Officer

Kit Van Tulleken 
Advisor to the Board 
The Van Tulleken Company

David J. Walsh
Sr. Managing Director, Kanye Anderson Capital Advisors LLP

SAGE Global Senior Management

Blaise R. Simqu
President & CEO
Stephan Barr Stephen Barr
President, SAGE International  & Head of Global Sales
Vivek Mehra Image Vivek Mehra
Managing Director and CEO, SAGE India
Ziyad Marar Ziyad Marar
President, Global Publishing
Phil Denvir Phil Denvir
Chief Information Office
Katharine Jackson Katharine Jackson
Chief Operating Operator & Chief Financial Officer,  SAGE International
Tracey Ozmina Tracey Ozmina
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, US
Clive Parry
Global Vice President, Marketing & Public Affairs
Jane Makoff Jane Makoff
Vice President, Marketing
Michele Sordi Michele Sordi
Senior Vice President and Head of US College
Bob Howard
Senior Vice President, Global Journals
Kiren Shoman Kiren Shoman
Vice President, Editorial Pedagogy 
Karen Phillips Karen Phillips
Senior Vice President, Global Learning Resources & UK Editorial
Miranda Nunhofer Miranda Nunhofer
Vice President, HSS Journals 
Martha Sedgwick Martha Sedgwick
Vice President, Product Innovation 
David Ross David Ross
Associate Vice President, Open Research
Katie Metzler Katie Metzler 
Associate Vice President of Product Innovation
Todd Baldwin Todd Baldwin
Associate Vice President, Library Editorial
Rosalia da Garcia Headshot Rosalia da Garcia
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Roberta Isaeff Roberta Isaeff
Vice President, Human Resources & Facilities
Carol Irwin Carol Irwin
Vice President, HR SAGE International
Chris Hickok Chris Hickok
Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, U.S.
Richard Thame Richard Thame
Vice President, Finance SAGE International
Steve Martin Steve Martin
Global Vice President, Production
Tony Histed Tony Histed
Vice President, Sales SAGE International
Richard Fidczuck Richard Fidczuk
Vice President, Global Journals Production 
Diane Nabrzeski Diane Nabrzeski
Vice President, College Sales
Chris Miles Chris Miles
Vice President and Controller, US
John Shaw John Shaw
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Albert Sciamanna Albert Sciamanna
Vice President, Customer Service & Fulfillment, US
Mark Walford Mark Walford
Vice President, Rights & Business Development
Steve Eden Steve Eden
Vice President and General Counsel, US
Mike Soules Mike Soules
President, Corwin Press
Khal Rudin Khal Rudin
Managing Director, Adam Matthew, UK
Elena Nikitina Elena Nikitina
Vice President, Marketing & Channel Development, Corwin
Lisa Shaw Lisa Shaw
Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Corwin US
Charisse Kiino Profile Pic Charisse Kiino
Vice President, College Editorial
Chris King Profile Pic Chris King
Vice President, Global Finance Systems
Dave West Profile Pic Dave West
Vice President, Professional Learning Services & Sales, Corwin
Eric Moran Profile Pic Eric Moran
Associate Vice President, Social Science Journals

Sheenagh McCarthy
Associate Vice President, Global Journals, Library & Digital Marketing