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Numeracy for All Learners

Numeracy for All Learners
Teaching Mathematics to Students with Special Needs

October 2020 | 224 pages | Corwin UK

Numeracy for All Learners is a wide-ranging overview of how Math Recovery® theory, pedagogy, and tools can be applied meaningfully to special education to support learners with a wide range of educational needs.

It builds on the first six books in the Math Recovery series and presents knowledge, resources, and examples for teachers working with students with special needs from Pre-K through secondary school.

Key topics include: dyscalculia, what contemporary neuroscience tells us about mathematical learning, and differentiating assessment and instruction effectively to meet the needs of all students in an equitable framework.

Chapter 1: The Learning Framework in Number for the Classroom
Chapter 2: Professional Principles and Practices
Chapter 3: Good Instruction for All Students
Chapter 4: Numeracy and Functional Mathematics
Chapter 5: Assessing Students with Disabilities
Chapter 6: Using the Learning Framework in Number to Write Individualized Education Programs
Chapter 7: Brain Research: Implications for Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Chapter 8: Dyscalculia
Chapter 9: Differentiating Instruction
Chapter 10: Teaching Students with Disabilities
Chapter 11: The Constructivist as Teacher
Chapter 12: Supporting Students with Other Special Needs

A good reference book for student teachers

Mrs Geraldine Anita Parks
Department of Education, St Mary's University College (Belfast)
July 2, 2021