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Examining the economics of the contemporary world: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society

December 8, 2015

Los Angeles, CA- What are the economics of immigration, adoption, religion and social movements such as Occupy Wall Street? SAGE is pleased to publish The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society, a four-volume text that uncovers the economic processes behind contemporary issues and their impact on social and cultural life. With approximately 800 signed articles, this new reference work serves as a nontechnical resource for students and researchers across a range of social science topics.

“When children are born, they come at a price, even while their loved ones insist on their pricelessness,” write general editor Dr. Frederick F. Wherry of Yale University and consulting editor Dr. Juliet B. Schor of Boston College. “They sometimes receive an allowance, take on a part-time job, enter the labor market, experience its booms and busts, acquire a mortgage, pay health insurance premiums, give and receive gifts and have their families purchase the accoutrements of a dignified death. They send money to their houses of worship or store it for posterity. From the questions of life and death to those of art, culture, beauty and religion, our economic lives are intermingled with our social ones.”

Available in both print and digital formats, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society includes a thematic Reader’s Guide that groups related entries, a Glossary, a Resource Guide and a Chronology of economics and society spanning from 1692 to 2014. In the digital version, cross-references between articles combine with the Reader’s Guide and Index sections to enhance search-and-browse features. Each article concludes with a Further Readings section.

“There are other resources that go into great detail about the state of the academic field [economics] and the complexity of its methodological protocols,” continue the editors. “By contrast, [The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society] offers historical and ethnographic narratives along with analytic descriptions of economics, social identity and collective, intersubjectively shared experience. This four-volume set brings economic topics down from the abstract stratosphere to the grounded experiences of people’s lives.”

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society explores the link between economics and society in 15 areas:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Business Management and Ethics
  • Childhood and Economics
  • Crime, Punishment, and the Law
  • Digital Revolution and Social Media
  • Education and Human Capital
  • Entertainment Industries
  • Health and Health Care
  • Household Finances
  • Immigrants and Immigration
  • Politics and Social Movements
  • Psychology, Attitudes, and Emotions
  • Religious Life
  • Work and Occupations

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society

December 2015                                      1,984 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4522-2643-9            Print Price: $650.00

eISBN: 978-1-4522-0690-5

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Frederick F. Wherry is Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University. He has worked in international development with the World Bank and has an MPA from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and a PhD in Sociology from Princeton. He serves on the editorial board of the American Sociological Review and was recently elected into the membership of the Sociological Research Association. He is currently studying how immigrant and minority households become more equitably integrated into the financial system.

Juliet Schor is Professor of Sociology at Boston College. Before joining Boston College, she taught at Harvard University for 17 years in the Department of Economics and the Committee on Degrees in Women’s Studies. She is a co-founder and co-chair of the Board of the Center for a New American Dream, a national sustainability organization. Schor is currently working on issues of environmental sustainability and their relation to American lifestyles and the economy and the emergence of a conscious consumption movement.

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