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How has Africa affected America? Find out in: The SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America

September 15, 2015

Los Angeles– What does “African” mean to African descendants in North America? Is it important for people of African descent to exhibit African cultural traits in order to show acceptance of their heritage? What contributions have African cultures made to American society? Answering these questions and many others is the new The SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America.

Providing an accessible ready reference on the retention and continuity of African culture in the United States, this unique two-volume, A-to-Z encyclopedia focuses on illuminating Africanisms (cultural retentions traceable to an African origin) and cultural continuities (ongoing practices and processes through which African culture continues to be created and formed). Researchers will be able to peruse 150 figures and photos, along with 350 signed entries, organized in the Reader’s Guide according to such topical categories as:

  • Adornments and Decorations
  • Ceremonies, Festivals, and Rituals
  • Communities and Populations
  • Conferences, Institutions, Organizations, and Publishers
  • Cosmology, Spirituality, and Religion
  • Family, Kinship, and Community
  • Native Americans and Africans
  • Places and Historic Sites
  • Science, Technology, and Mathematics
  • Socialization and Enculturation

The SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America includes a thorough introduction to the field, as well as an annotated bibliography, appendix and cross references, making it an important resource for researchers at public and academic libraries everywhere. A FREE 30-day online trial of SAGE Knowledge, including this new title, is available at:

Co-Editor Mwalimu J. Shujaa is a professor and dean of the College of Education and Human Development at Southern University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Co-Editor Kenya J. Shujaa is an independent scholar who received her education and training in anthropology at Howard University and the University of Pennsylvania.


The SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America

October 2015                                  992 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4522-5821-8               Print Price: $375.00

eISBN: 978-1-4833-4637-3


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