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Information for prospective and existing SAGE book authors

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As a leading international publisher of books, journals and electronic media, SAGE is a natural home for authors, editors and societies with a tradition of producing high-quality academic works in the social sciences.

Our authors and editors are of the utmost important to us, and we work closely with them to curate and produce the most outstanding titles in the fields we cover, including undergraduate and graduate textbooks, as well as handbooks, reference and professional resources.

We are dedicated to supporting authors, and developing parternships that deliver:

  • Thorough evaluation of proposals and sample material, with constructive feedback provided by experienced editors and peer reviews
  • Involvement and support from your SAGE team throughout the writing and development process
  • High quality book production
  • Global promotion, marketing, sales, and distribution

Below you'll find useful resources to make a book proposal and publication as easy as possible.


Pre-publication Resources




A booklet that provides basic knowledge of the operations behind our book publishing process.


Proposal Guidelines

Find out what our Commissioning Editors find useful in a book proposal



Post-publication Resources


Each book is treated individually and a specific marketing plan is tailored to meet the needs of its market. We like to work with you as a team and have also outlined some ideas below on how you can help to promote your book.

Introduction to Sales and Marketing

Ideas for Promoting Your Book

A Year in the Life of a SAGE Book (Sales and Marketing Timeline)





If you have any specific questions about your book, please do not hesitate to contact your Commissioning Editor or email us at 



Sales & Marketing:


Publishing with SAGE Asia-Pacific 


Working closely with SAGE’s subject specialist teams in our UK and US offices, our Asia-Pacific editorial team produces high-quality books tailored for the needs of the academic communities across the region. We work with authors from a range of academic disciplines across the whole of Asia-Pacific, helping them to bring their work to a global audience.

To find out more please contact:

Asia-Pacific Editorial Office
Stella Gao, Rights/Book Publishing Executive