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Make sure your students are prepared for class!


“We're thrilled to be offering SAGE Publishing's titles on the Perusall platform for classes everywhere. SAGE's cutting-edge content and Perusall's cutting-edge technology work together to ensure that each student learns more and all students come to class prepared.”
—Gary King, Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor, Director, IQSS, Harvard University


SAGE Publishing and Perusall partner to support digital pedagogy and increase class preparation


Perusall is an award-winning eBook platform that allows students and instructors to collaboratively mark up and discuss their SAGE textbook—all in an easy-to-use online environment. Backed by research and supported by technological innovations developed at Harvard University, this process of learning through collaborative annotation enables INSTRUCTORS to:

  • save time and simplify their teaching with
    • automatic grade suggestions (for the annotations),
    • automatic detection of those students who do not engage with the material, and
    • well timed automatic "nudges" to keep students on track;
  • use real-time data via automated "student confusion" reports to track student learning and adapt instruction accordingly;
  • better engage students;
  • use lecture time more effectively; and
  • turn solitary reading assignments into engaging collective activities.

Perusall helps STUDENTS to:

  • master readings faster;
  • understand the material better;
  • get fast answers to their questions;
  • stay on track with assignments;
  • help other students; and
  • get more out of their book and instruction time.

See how Perusall can help your students.

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