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New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling

New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling

February 2008 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This new book is based upon clinical practice, teaching research and scholarly work undertaken over a period of 10 years. The leading author wrote a doctoral dissertation on much of the material described in this book, but until now it has only been published in scholarly articles within refereed journals. Gerald Monk and John Winslade have jointly published three textbooks, including Narrative therapy in practice: The archaeology of hope (Jossey-Bass), Narrative counseling in the schools (Corwin Press), and Narrative mediation (Jossey-Bass) and numerous other publications. Gerald Monk and Stacey Sinclair have jointly published two book chapters and three articles in widely disseminated referred journals.
Foreword: Kenneth J. Gergen
Ch 1: What is Culture?
Response to Chapter 1: Courtland Lee  
Ch 2: Complexity and Culture
Response to Chapter 2: Allen E. Ivey  
Ch 3: A Short History of Colonization and Decolonization
Response to Chapter 3: Carol Robinson-Zanartu  
Ch 4: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity
Response to Chapter 4: Angus Hikairo Mcfarlane  
Ch 5: Discourse, Positioning, and Deconstruction
Response to Chapter 5: David Pare  
Ch 6: Power and Privilege: Part One
Response to Chapter 6: Judy Daniels  
Ch 7: Power and Privilege: Part Two
Response to Chapter 7: Michael D'Andrea  
Ch 8: Power and Privilege: Part Three
Response to Chapter 8: Susan Brotherton, with Felix Esquivel  
Ch 9: Gender and Identity
Response to Chapter 9: Brent A. Taylor  
Ch 10: The Globalization of Identity
Response to Chapter 10: Soh-Leong Lim  
Ch 11: Identity Construction
Response to Chapter 11: Leah Brew  
Ch 12: Cultural Identity Development
Response to Chapter 12: Todd Jennings  
Ch 13: Models of Community
Response to Chapter 13: Jung Min Choi  
Ch 14: The Question of Racism
Response to Chapter 14: Kobus Maree, Nola Butler-Byrd  
Ch 15: Social Class, Poverty, and the American Dream
Response to Chapter 15: Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe  
Ch 16: The Production and Reproduction of Culture in School Counseling
Response to Chapter 16: Trish Hatch  
Ch 17: Multicultural Competence Examined
Response to Chapter 17: Charles Ridley  
Ch 18: On the Horizon: Next Steps in Multicultural Counseling

Simple, yet complex way of helping my students understand culture.

Dr Derick Williams
Human Services Dept, University Of Virginia
March 21, 2014

I really like this text - and if I were teaching an Advanced Multicultural course, I would love to use it. Unfortunately my needs for this course are for a basic survey text (I appreciate the Preface in the text that straightforwardly lists what this text does and does not focus on). For my own understanding and pedagogy this book is effective - I will definitely take from it a new perspective and some new issues to present to students.

Dr Susan Norton
Professional Studies Dept, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
March 21, 2011

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