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New Directions in Health Psychology

New Directions in Health Psychology

Five Volume Set
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June 2015 | 1 760 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Health psychology is one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding areas of psychology as evidenced by the increasing number of research articles and training programmes. With such extensive growth there is a need for a process of regular review and identification of the major developments, opportunities and challenges.

This five-volume Major Work contains influential theories and conceptual reviews while featuring empirical articles on a rapidly-expanding knowledge base. The collection showcases state-of-the-art methodological advances and provides a significant resource for scholars in health psychology and related fields, including nursing, public health, and medical sociology.

Volume One: The rise and fall of social cognition models

Volume Two: The persistence of the psychosocial 

Volume Three: The increasing focus on interventions

Volume Four: Differentiation in the field

Volume Five: Diversity - The expansion of contexts

Part One: Theory of Planned Behaviour – Developments
Implementation Intentions and the Theory of Planned Behaviour Sheina Orbell, Sarah Hodgkins and Paschal Sheeran
Social Cognition Models and Health Behaviour: A Structured Review Christopher Armitage and Mark Conner
Efficacy of the Theory of Planned Behaviour: A Meta-Analytic Review Christopher Armitage and Mark Conner
Prospective Prediction of Health-Related Behaviours with the Theory of Planned Behaviour: A Meta-Analysis Rosemary McEachan, Mark Conner, Natalie Taylor and Rebecca Lawton
Part Two: Theory of Planned Behaviour – Problems
The Expectancy-Value Muddle in the Theory of Planned Behaviour – and Some Proposed Solutions David French and Matthew Hankins
Does Changing Behavioral Intentions Engender Behavior Change? A Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence Thomas Webb and Paschal Sheeran
Beyond Behavioural Intentions: Planning Mediates between Intentions and Physical Activity Urte Scholz, Benjamin Schüz, Jochen Ziegelmann, Sonia Lippke and Ralf Schwarzer
Part Three: Theory of Planned Behaviour – Critique
Some Problems with Social Cognition Models: A Pragmatic and Conceptual Analysis Jane Ogden
Old Clothes and an Older Look: The Case for a Radical Makeover in Health Behaviour Research Frances Mielewczyk and Carla Willig
The Theory of Reasoned Action: A Case Study of Falsification in Psychology David Trafimow
Time to Retire the Theory of Planned Behaviour Falko Sniehotta, Justin Presseau and Vera Araújo-Soares
Part Four: Transtheoretical Model – Developments
The Transtheoretical Model of Health Behavior Change James Prochaska and Wayne Velicer
Stage Theories of Health Behavior: Conceptual and Methodological Issues Neil Weinstein, Alexander Rothman and Stephen Sutton
Part Five: Transtheoretical Model – Critique
The ‘Stages of Change’ Model in Health Promotion: Science and Ideology Robin Bunton, Steve Baldwin, Darren Flynn and Sandy Whitelaw
Time for a Change: Putting the Transtheoretical (Stages of Change) Model to Rest Robert West
Is There Utility in the Transtheoretical Model? Christopher Armitage
Part One: Psychological Characteristics
Hostility and Health: Current Status of a Psychosomatic Hypothesis Timothy Smith
Self-Rated Health and Mortality: A Review of Twenty-Seven Community Studies Ellen Idler and Yael Benyamini
The Association of Coping to Physical and Psychological Health Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic Review Julie Penley, Joe Tomaka and John Wiebe
Health Status and the Five Factor Personality Traits in a Nationally Representative Sample Renee Goodwin and Howard Friedman
Psychological Stress and Wound Healing in Humans: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Jessica Walburn, Kavita Vedhara, Matthew Hankins, Lorna Rixon and John Weinman
Personality Is of Central Concern to Understand Health: Towards a Theoretical Model for Health Psychology Eamonn Ferguson
Part Two: Social Relationships
Health Psychology: What Is an Unhealthy Environment and How Does It Get under the Skin? Shelley Taylor, Rena Repetti and Teresa Seeman
Social Relationships and Health Sheldon Cohen
Social Support and Cancer Progression: A Systematic Review Bina Nausheen, Yori Gidron, Robert Peveler and Rona Moss-Morris
Part Three: Illness Management
Self-Regulation: An Important Construct in Health Psychology Research and Practice Martin Hagger
Improving Patient Adherence: A Three-Factor Model to Guide Practice Robin DiMatteo, Kelly Haskard-Zolnierek and Leslie Martin
Part Four: Pathways
Developing Psychosocial Theory in Health Psychology: Problems and Prospects John Spicer and Kerry Chamberlain
Health Psychology: The Search for Pathways between Behavior and Health Howard Leventhal, John Weinman, Elaine Leventhal and Alison Phillips
The Status of the ‘Biopsychosocial’ Model in Health Psychology: Towards an Integrated Approach and a Critique of Cultural Conceptions Andrew Hatala
Part One: Planning and Evaluating
Everything Should Be as Simple as Possible, but No Simpler: Towards a Protocol for Accumulating Evidence Regarding the Active Content of Health Behaviour Change interventions Gjalt-Jorn Ygram Peters, Marijnde Bruin and Rik Crutzen
Planning for, Implementing and Assessing the Impact of Health Promotion and Behaviour Change Interventions: A Way Forward for Health Psychologists Louise Wallace, Katherine Brown and Suzanne Hilton
Health Psychology Interventions Ronan O’Carroll
Part Two: Primary Prevention
Interventions to Change Health Behaviours: Evidence-based or Evidence-Inspired? Susan Michie and Charles Abraham
Intervention Mapping: Protocol for Applying Health Psychology Theory to Prevention Programmes Gerjo Kok, Herman Schaalma, Robert Ruiter, Pepijn Van Empelen and Johannes Brug
Does Tailoring Matter? Meta-Analytic Review of Tailored Print Health Behavior Change Interventions Seth Noar, Christina Benac and Melissa Harris
A Taxonomy of Behavior Change Techniques Used in Interventions Charles Abraham and Susan Michie
Part Three: Clinical Interventions
Using the Common Sense Model to Design Interventions for the Prevention and Management of Chronic Illness Threats: From Description to Process Lisa McAndrew, Tamara Musumeci-Szabó, Pablo Mora, Loretta Vileikyte, Edith Burns, Ethan Halm, Elaine Leventhal and Howard Leventhal
Ecological Momentary Interventions: Incorporating Mobile Technology into Psychosocial and Health Behaviour Treatments Kristin Heron and Joshua Smyth
Tailored Text Messaging Intervention for HIV Adherence: A Proof-of-Concept Study Megan Lewis, Jennifer Uhrig, Carla Bann, Jennie Harris, Robert Furberg, Curtis Coomes and Lisa Kuhns
Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Management Robert Gatchel, Donald McGeary and Cindy McGeary
Part Four: Community Interventions
Health, Community and Development: Towards a Social Psychology of Participation Catherine Campbell and Sandra Jovchelovitch
Navigating the Social Context of Metastatic Breast Cancer: Reflections on a Project Linking Research to Drama Ross Gray, Christina Sinding and Margaret Fitch
Community-based Participatory Research: Partnering with Communities for Effective and Sustainable Behavioral Health Interventions Laura Bogart and Kimberly Uyeda
Community Mobilisation in the 21st Century: Updating Our Theory of Social Change? Catherine Campbell
Part One: Approaches
Freedom, Responsibility and Power: Contrasting Approaches to Health Psychology David Marks
Clinical Health Psychology: A Specialty for the 21st Century Cynthia Belar
Public Health Psychology: Expanding the Horizons of Health Psychology Jane Wardle
Public Health Psychology: A Conceptual and Practical Framework Julie Hepworth
Community Health Psychology: Promoting Analysis and Action for Social Change Catherine Campbell and Michael Murray
The Future of Occupational Health Psychology Wilmar Schaufeli
Towards a Critical Health Psychology Practice Isaac Prilleltensky and Ora Prilleltensky
Part Two: The Rise of Qualitative Research
Reconciling Discursive and Materialist Perspectives on Health and Illness: A Reconstruction of the Biopsychosocial Approach Lucy Yardley
Encompassing Experience: Meanings and Methods in Health Psychology Kerry Chamberlain, Christine Stephens and Antonia Lyons
Beyond the Divide between Cognition and Discourse: Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis in Health Psychology Jonathan Smith
The Social Construction of Individual and Public Health: Contributions of Social Representations Theory to a Social Science of Health Uwe Flick
Methodolatry and Qualitative Health Research Kerry Chamberlain
Part Three: Qualitative Research in Action
Levels of Narrative Analysis in Health Psychology Michael Murray
‘My Wife Ordered Me to Come!’: A Discursive Analysis of Doctors’ and Nurses’ Accounts of Men’s Use of General Practitioners Sarah Seymour-Smith, Margaret Wetherell and Ann Phoenix
Remembering One’s Stay in Hospital: A Study in Photography, Recovery and Forgetting Alan Radley and Diane Taylor
The Personal Meaning of Eating Disorder Symptoms: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Andrew Fox, Michael Larkin and Newman Leung
Part One: Social Inequality
Understanding How Inequality in the Distribution of Income Affects Health John Lynch and George Kaplan
US Disparities in Health: Descriptions, Causes, and Mechanisms Nancy Adler and David Rehkopf
Social Conditions as Fundamental Causes of Health Inequalities: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications Jo Phelan, Bruce Link and Parisa Tehranifar
A Socially Situated Approach to Inform Ways to Improve Health and Wellbeing Christine Horrocks and Sally Johnson
Part Two: Gender
Gay Men and HIV/AIDS Risk Management Paul Flowers
From Suet Pudding to Superhero: Representations of Men’s Health for Women Antonia Lyons and Sara Willott
Feminist Research Traditions in Health Psychology: Breast Cancer Research Sue Wilkinson
Issues for a Psychology of Men’s Health Christina Lee and Glynn Owens
Our Health, Our Say: Towards a Feminist Perspective of Lesbian Health Psychology Julie Fish
Part Three: Race and Ethnicity
Discrimination and Racial Disparities in Health: Evidence and Needed Research David Williams and Selina Mohammed
Race, Racism and Health: Disparities, Mechanisms, and Interventions Elizabeth Brondolo, Linda Gallo and Hector Myers
Perceived Racial Discrimination and Hypertension: A Comprehensive Systematic Review Cynthia Dolezsar, Jennifer McGrath, Alyssa Herzig and Sydney Miller
Part Four: Global Health
Possible Contributions of a Psychology of Liberation: Whither Health and Human Rights M. Brinton Lykes
Health Psychology in African Settings: A Cultural-Psychological Analysis Glenn Adams and Phia Salter
Cultural Embeddedness of Health, Ethics and Healing: Prospects for Integrating Indigenous and Western Healing Practices Tholene Sodi and Olaniyi Bojuwoye

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