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New Directions in Consumer Research

New Directions in Consumer Research

Four Volume Set
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September 2015 | 1 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This four-volume collection focuses on emerging and cutting-edge work which is shaping the contemporary landscape of consumer research. The volumes bring together key conceptual and research papers related to practices, sharing, politics and spaces. The editors provide a set of comprehensive introductions that scopes out current understanding in the field, and identifies directions for future research in relation to the key themes. This Major Work will be of interest to scholars in a broad range of disciplines, including Marketing and Consumer Research, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Human Geography and Sociology.

Volume One: Practices

Volume Two: Sharing

Volume Three: Politics

Volume Four: Space 


Consumption and Theories of Practice Alan Warde
Towards a Theory of Social Practices: A Development in Culturalist Theorizing Andreas Reckwitz
Practice Mind-ed Orders Theodore Schatzki
Practice as Collective Action Barry Barnes
Consumers, Producers and Practices: Understanding the Invention and Reinvention of Nordic Walking Elizabeth Shove and Mika Pantzar
Moving with Practices: The Discontinuous, Rhythmic and Material Mobilities of Leisure Allison Hui
On the Slope Is on the Screen: Prosumption, Social Media Practices, and Scopic Systems in the Freeskiing Subculture Niklas Woermann
How Brand Community Practices Create Value Hope Schau, Albert Muñiz, Jr and Eric Arnould
Taste Regimes and Market-Mediated Practice Zeynep Arsel and Jonathan Bean
Articulating Consumers through Practices of Vernacular Creativity Douglas Brownlie and Paul Hewer
Veiling in Style: How Does a Stigmatized Practice Become Fashionable? Özlem Sandikci and Güliz Ger
How Practices Inform the Materialization of Cultural Ideals in Mundane Consumption Heli Holttinen
Whose Work Is It Anyway? The Shifting Dynamics of ‘Doing Mothering’ Benedetta Cappellini and Elizabeth Parsons
After Taste: Culture, Consumption and Theories of Practice Alan Warde
Recruitment, Defection and Reproduction Elizabeth Shove, Mika Pantzar and Matt Watson
Sharing Russell Belk
The Rise of Collaborative Consumption Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers
Downloading Deviance: Symbolic Interactionism and Unauthorised File-Sharing Robert Cluley
Community and Consumption: Towards a Definition of the “Linking Value” of Products or Services Bernard Cova
Working Consumers: The Next Step in Marketing Theory? Bernard Cova and Daniele Dalli
Islamic Arab Hospitality and Multiculturalism Rana Sobh, Russell Belk and Jonathan Wilson
Consumer File Sharing of Motion Pictures Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Victor Henning and Henrik Sattler
The Wisdom of Consumer Crowds: Collective Innovation in the Age of Networked Marketing Robert Kozinets, Andrea Hemetsberger and Hope Schau
Sharing and Web 2.0: The Emergence of a Keyword Nicholas John
Access-based Consumption: The Case of Car Sharing Fleura Bardhi and Giana Eckhardt
A Child’s Right to Play: The Social Construction of Civic Virtues in Toy Libraries Lucie Ozanne and Julie Ozanne
Sharing by Default? Outline of an Anthropology of Virtue Thomas Widlok
Giving Away One’s Poverty. On the Consumption of Scarce Resources within the Family Thierry Kochuyt
Anti-consumption Choices Performed in a Drinking Culture: Normative Struggles and Repairs Hélène Cherrier and Lauren Gurrieri
Representations and Consumerism Roberta Sassatelli
The New Politics of Consumption: Why Americans Want So Much More Than They Need Juliet Schor
The Political Economy of Consumption David Luban
The Brand as Informational Capital Adam Arvidsson
The Role of Consumer Agency in the Globalisation Process in Emerging Markets Giana Eckhardt and Humaira Mahi
The Limits of Culture: Political Economy and the Anthropology of Consumption James Carrier
Think Globally, Transact Locally: Green Political Economy and the Local Currency Movement Eric Helleiner
Could Shopping Ever Really Matter? Daniel Miller
The Troubling Equivalence of Citizen and Consumer Michael Schudson
The Citizen-Consumer Hybrid: Ideological Tensions and the Case of Whole Foods Market Josée Johnston
Towards a Geographical Politics of Consumption Elaine Hartwick
Downshifting Consumer = Upshifting Citizen? An Examination of a Local Freecycle Community Michelle Nelson, Mark Rademacher and Hye-Jin Paek
Re-thinking the ‘Good Life’: The Citizenship Dimension of Consumer Disaffection with Consumerism Kate Soper
Towards a Consumerist Critique of Capitalism: A Socialist Defence of Consumer Culture Matthias Varul
Globalization, Reflexivity and the Project of the Self: A Virtual Intercultural Learning Process Aliakbar Jafari and Christina Goulding
Geographies of Consumption Peter Jackson and Nigel Thrift
Just Doing It: A Visual Ethnographic Study of Spectacular Consumption Behavior at Nike Town Lisa Penaloza
Themed Flagship Brand Stores in the New Millennium: Theory, Practice, Prospects Robert Kozinets, John Sherry, Benet DeBerry-Spence, Adam Duhachek, Krittinee Nuttavuthisit and Diana Storm
Why Are Themed Brandstores So Powerful? Retail Brand Ideology at American Girl Place Stefania Borghini, Nina Diamond, Robert Kozinets, Mary McGrath, Albert Muñiz, Jr and John Sherry, Jr
Branded Spaces: The Scope of ‘New Marketing’ Elizabeth Moor
Taking Butler Elsewhere: Performativities, Spatialities and Subjectivities Nicky Gregson and Gillian Rose
Cultural Consumption, Interactive Sociality, and the Museum Aliakbar Jafari, Babak Taheri and Dirk vom Lehn
Exhibitions and the Role of Fashion in the Sustenance of the Kylie Brand Mythology: Unpacking the Spatial Logic of Celebrity Culture Paul Hewer and Kathy Hamilton
Fashioning Independence: Gender, Dress and Social Space in Postcolonial Argentina Regina Root
Street Art, Sweet Art? Reclaiming the ‘Public’ in Public Place Luca Visconti, John Sherry, Jr, Stefania Borghini and Laurel Anderson
Moral Habitus and Status Negotiation in a Marginalized Working-Class Neighborhood Bige Saatcioglu and Julie Ozanne
Heterotopian Space and the Utopics of Ethical and Green Consumption Andreas Chatzidakis, Pauline Maclaran and Alan Bradshaw
Organic Community Tourism: A Co-created Approach Kathy Hamilton and Matthew Alexander
The Neoliberal City and the Pro-active Complicity of the Citizen Consumer Steven Miles
Tribal Mattering Spaces: Social-Networking Sites, Celebrity Affiliations, and Tribal Innovations Kathy Hamilton and Paul Hewer
Spaces of Hope, Enlivenment and Entanglement: Explorations in the Spatial Logic of Celebrity Culinary Brands Paul Hewer and Douglas Brownlie

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