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Nelson-Jones' Theory and Practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Nelson-Jones' Theory and Practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Sixth Edition
  • Richard Nelson-Jones - Fellow of the British Psychological Society and of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

November 2014 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This sixth edition provides an essential introduction to the major theoretical approaches in counselling and psychotherapy today. Comprehensive and accessible, it now includes two brand new chapters on Mindfulness and Positive Therapy, as well as additional content on ethics, on new developments in each approach, including the latest research and updated references.

Following a clearly-defined structure, each chapter describes the origin of the therapeutic approach, a biography of its originator, its theory and practice, discusses case material and further developments, and suggests further reading. Each chapter also contains review and personal questions. Richard Nelson-Jones' authoritative and practical textbook is the ideal companion for students on introductory courses and those embarking on professional training.

Creating Counselling and Therapy Approaches
Psychodynamic Therapies
Freud’s Psychoanalysis
Jung’s Analytical Therapy
Humanistic-Existential Therapies
Person-Centred Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Existential Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapies
Behaviour Therapy
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Multimodal Therapy
Recent Therapies
Solution-Focused Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Positive Therapy
Mindfulness in Therapy
Culture and Gender Therapies
Multicultural Therapy
Gender Therapy
Concluding Comments
Evaluation, Eclecticism and Integration

The new edition retains the original clarity of writing and  refreshing experience-near qualities which made it stand out from its competitors, and has been updated in light of new research findings in relation to problems of living in an information-age. It is an excellent resource for trainees and educators both.


Jim McLennan
Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, LaTrobe University

This is an excellent text as evidenced by it being a 6th edition. It is very comprehensive and an appropriate core text for anyone studying to be a therapist or psychologist. Strongly recommended.

Ms Barbara Elizabeth Hannigan
School of Psychology, University of Dublin Trinity College
August 27, 2015

A really useful introductory text covering the different approaches to counselling and therapy.. the chapters are well structured to guide the reader through and develop the learning.

Mr Paul McCreary
Department of Mental Health Nursing, Buckinghamshire New University
March 3, 2016

This provides a good overview and is very accessible to the reader

Pamela Pringle
Health Wellbeing and the Family, Canterbury Christ Church University
June 22, 2015

good and accessible reading for undergraduate level

Ms Carol Lloyd
Bishop Otter Campus College Lane, University of Chichester
June 1, 2015

This text provides a very well written overview of some of the (essential) basics of good therapeutic practice.

Mr Armin Luthi
Fac of Health & Social Care Sciences, Kingston University
May 29, 2015

this is used as part of the supervision aspect of my module. The considerations around mindfulness very very useful.

Ms Ikedola Animashaun
School of Health Sciences and Social Car, Brunel University
March 11, 2015

An excellent text and recommended to undergraduate students in Social Sciences. It offers an excellent account of key theories and skills in a range of therapeutic disciplines. Highly recommended for teaching

Mrs Breda Friel
Sociology & Appl Department, University of Ulster
February 17, 2015

An engaging, accessible and user-friendly guide to research. Although not applicable to all in my current cohort, I will recommend this to particular students, and as supplemental reading for those interested in research practice.

Mrs Lindsay Schofield
Pict, Penny Parks Training
February 10, 2015

Good to have a new edition of this classic text.

Mr Gerald Willmore
Chair of Professional Standards, National Counselling Society
February 9, 2015