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Needs Assessment Phase III

Needs Assessment Phase III
Taking Action for Change (Book 5)

January 2010 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Ultimately, the value of any needs assessment lies in whether it leads to action plans for improving and enhancing the organization or group for which it was conducted. In practice this may be more difficult that it would seem.

This book takes the reader through a journey of getting results utilized and then evaluating the needs assessment itself. Pitfalls to avoid along the way are thoughtfully illuminated. A major highlight of the text is the "double dozen" techniques that can be used to make the trip a special experience. The text explains where the techniques best fit into making utilization a reality.

About the Authors
1. Post Assessment: Mapping the Road Less Traveled
2. The Nuts and Bolts of Post Assessment: Gearing Up for the Journey
3. The Action Plan: Collaborating for Change
4. Positive Approaches to Conflict: Weathering Interpersonal Storms
5. Individual and Organizational Roadblocks: Responding to Unexpected Challenges
6. Evaluating the Entire Needs Assessment: Learning From the Expedition

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