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National Television Violence Study

National Television Violence Study

November 1996 | 592 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Based on the largest, most representative sample of television content ever evaluated in a single research project, this volume offers a meaningful commentary on the issue of violence on television in the United States.

The book includes: a content analysis of violence in television series, films, daytime television, children's programmes and music videos; research on violence in documentary and current affairs programmes; studies of how ratings and content advisories are being used on television and the role they play in the viewing decisions of children; and the effectiveness of anti-violence public service announcements and educational initiatives presented by the television industry.

Barbara J Wilson et al
Violence in Television Programming Overall
University of California, Santa Barbara Study  
Charles Whitney et al
Television Violence in 'Reality' Programming
University of Texas, Austin Study  
Joanne Cantor and Kristen Harrison
Ratings and Advisories for Television Programming
University of Wisconsin, Madison Study  
Frank Biocca et al
Assessment of Television's Anti-violence Messages
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Study  

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ISBN: 9780761908029