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Multinational Crime

Multinational Crime
Terrorism, Espionage, Drug and Arms Trafficking

April 1992 | 162 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book considers multinational systemic crime - crimes by various kinds of organizations that operate across national boundaries and in two or more countries simultaneously. This concept refers to a variety of criminal behaviour systems including, but not limited to, the four crimes examined in this volume: terrorism, espionage, drug and arms trafficking. These offences carry strong connotations of evil, and yet outrage quickly becomes justification when, for example, espionage is carried out in the name of national security.

The authors examine these issues from the perspective of interactions and social and cultural conflict theories. In the absence of a global criminal justice system, this book studies the criminal organizations involved in such a crime, as well as the regional and global settings in which they operate.

Multinational Systemic Crime
Terrorism and Espionage
Drug-Trafficking and Arms-Trafficking
Three Pertinent Observations
Approaching The Study of Multinational Systemic Crime
Some Historical and Contemporary Contexts of Multinational Systemic Crime

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