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During the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit: Get free access to top articles in Materials Science journals published by SAGE

We will be giving away free print and online copies of our Materials Science journals at MRS 2015. Come by the SAGE stand to explore the online collection, to play our higher or lower game, and to find out about new titles coming to SAGE in 2016.

Cellular Plastics Biomedical Applications Bioactive and Compatible Polymers Journal of Composite Materials Journal of Elastomers & Plastics Journal of Fire Sciences Journal of Industrial Textiles Journal of Plastic Film and sheeting  Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites

Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials Journal of Power and Energy Journal of Engineering Manufacture Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science Journal of Engineering in Medicine Journal of Engineering Tribology Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control Textile Research Journal Simulation

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