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Modern Governance

Modern Governance
New Government-Society Interactions

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January 1993 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This wide-ranging text provides an overview of major developments in governance in contemporary society. It illuminates recent theories about the relationship of the public and private sectors, and the interaction of politics and society.

The main development in recent years is shown as a shift in the balance between government and society towards the private sector. The book explores the ways in which new balances have been struck between state and market. It examines such new ventures in public-private interaction and endeavours to explain them in terms of coping with the dynamics, complexities and diversities of modern society. In doing so, it develops the outline of a new theory of social-political governance.

Jan Kooiman
Social-Political Governance

Renate Mayntz
Governing Failures and the Problem of Governability
Some Comments on a Theoretical Paradigm

Andrew Dunsire
Modes of Governance
Jan Kooiman
Governance and Governability
Using Complexity, Dynamics and Diversity

Fr[ac]ed[ac]eric Royall
Lost Opportunity
The Case of Labour Market Management in the Republic of Ireland

Kirsti Stenvall
Public Policy Planning and the Problem of Governance
The Question of Education in Finland

Marijke Prins
Women's Emancipation as a Question of Governance
Actors, Institutions and the Room for Manoeuvre

Charles Raab
The Governance of Data Protection
Martijn van Vliet
Environmental Regulation of Business
Options and Constraints for Communicative Governance

Vincent Kouwenhoven
Public-Private Partnership
A Model for the Management of Public-Private Cooperation

Mich[gr]ele Breuillard
Dynamics and Room for Manoeuvre in Governance
The Channel Tunnel Decision in France and Britain

Geert Bouckaert
Governance between Legitimacy and Efficiency
Citizen Participation in the Belgian Fire Services

Herman Aquina and Hans Bekke
Governance in Interaction
Public Tasks and Private Organisations

Les Metcalfe
Public Management; from Imitation to Innovation
Walter Kickert
Complexity, Governance and Dynamics
Conceptual Explorations of Public Network Management

Ky[um]osti Pekonen
Governance and the Problem of Representation in Public Administration
The Case of Finland

Torben Beck J[/]orgensen
Modes of Governance and Administrative Change
Roger Duclaud-Williams
The Governance of Education
Britain and France

Jan Kooiman
Findings, Speculations and Recommendations

Interesting text for anyone wanting to gain an idea of Modern Governance. Cross section analysis with historical governance shows interesting results.

Mr Matthew Hirst
Arts, Business and Social Science, University Campus Suffolk
July 6, 2015

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