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Integrating Analyses in Mixed Methods Research

Pat Bazeley


Going beyond mixed methods research design and data collection, Integrating Analyses in Mixed Methods Research showcases a range of strategies for integrating different data types, as well as different approaches in analysis, helping you to plan, conduct and disseminate complex analyses with confidence.

Patricia Bazeley was President of the Mixed Methods International Research Association (2015-16), and currently serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Mixed Methods Research and Qualitative Health Research.

Find out more about two example projects with accompanying datasets to practise analytic and integrative strategies, using techniques from the book.

The Research Performance Project concerns a study looking into the introduction of performance evaluation metrics as a way of determining the distribution of funding at institutions. Secondly, the Wellbeing Project explores theoretical questions about how wellbeing intersects with health, drawing on a wide array of data types.


"Bazeley addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by mixed methods researchers: the integration of data and interpretation of results from different data collection methods... She demonstrates how integration can be accomplished using a variety of software packages, thus making this an excellent guide."

Donna M. Mertens, Professor Emeritus, Gallaudet University

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