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Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to Midnight
Nuclear Weapons Protest in America

October 1989 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Minutes to Midnight explores the dynamics of the antinuclear protest movement, particularly the freeze and its origins, growth, decline, and enduring problems. Beginning with a historical analysis of early attempts to control nuclear weapons, the authors then use a unique sociohistorical case study to give new insight into how social change occurs in postindustrial society. The seven chapters examine the problems created by the development of technology, nuclear weapons, and the creation of new social classes and new social movements as vehicles to accumulate power.
The Rise and Fall of the Freeze
Social Problems in Postindustrial Society
Atomic Scientists Movement and the Bulletin
Ban the Bomb
The Freeze
Origins, Growth and Decline

The Freeze
Strategy, Tactics and Social Control

Beyond the Freeze

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