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Minimalism, Scope, and VP Structure

Minimalism, Scope, and VP Structure

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September 1996 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Thomas Stroik advances recent work in generative grammars in this book. Bringing together Chomsky's minimalist assumptions of syntactic representation with Aoun and Li's scope theory of logical form, the author investigates what the logical form of a sentence can tell us about the base structure of verb phrases.

In considering how it is possible to determine base argument structure from logical representation, he argues that scopal relations provide the clearest view into base argument structure. Individual chapters are devoted to data from the following constructions: double-object, multiple-wh, bare-NP adverbial and psych-verb.

Introduction to Syntactic Representation
Scope and the VP Shell Hypothesis
Superiority Effects and VP Structure
Bare NP Adverbials and VP Structure
Psych-Verbs in a VP Shell

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