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Migrant Youths and Children of Migrants in a Globalized World

Migrant Youths and Children of Migrants in a Globalized World

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August 2012 | 267 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Alícia Adserà and Marta Tienda
Comparative Perspectives on International Migration and Child Well-being
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Mathias Sinning, and Steven Stillman
Migrant Youths’ Educational Achievement: The Role of Institutions
Davide Azzolini, Philipp Schnell, and John Palmer
Educational Achievement Gaps between Immigrant and Native Students in Two “New” Immigration Countries: Italy and Spain in Comparison
Alessandra Minello and Nicola Barban
The Educational Expectations of Children of Immigrant in Italy
Amparo González-Ferrer, Pau Baizán, and Cris Beauchemin
Child-Parent Separations among Senegalese Migrants to Europe: Migration Strategies or Cultural Arrangements?
Audrey Beck, Miles Corak, and Marta Tienda
Age at Immigration and the Adult Attainments of Child Migrants to the United States
Alícia Adserà, Ana Ferrer, Wendy Sigle-Rushton, and Ben Wilson
Fertility Patterns of Child Migrants: Age at Migration and Ancestry in Comparative Perspective
Margot Jackson, Sarah McLanahan, and Kathleen Kiernan
Nativity Differences in Mothers’ Health Behaviors: A Cross National and Longitudinal Lens
Melissa L. Martinson, Sarah McLanahan, and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
Race/Ethnic and Nativity Disparities in Child Overweight in the United States and England
Lucinda Platt
How Do Children of Mixed Partnerships Fare in the UK? Understanding the Implications for Children of Parental Homogamy and Heterogamy

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Department of Education, Uppsala University
May 23, 2019

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