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Microfinance in India

Microfinance in India
A State of the Sector Report, 2007

First Edition
  • Prabhu Ghate - Independent researcher, journalist and consultant, New Delhi

December 2008 | 200 pages | SAGE India
Microfinance in India: A State of the Sector Report, 2007 is one in a series of annual reports on the microfinance sector in India. It is a comprehensive one-stop document that provides a holistic view of the sector, providing a detailed analysis of its status and future. It highlights recent developments under each of the two main models of microfinance in India -the SHG and MFI models. Most significantly, it engages with issues of topical interest such as the microfinance bill pending in parliament in a balanced and objective manner, and focuses on policy issues that need the attention of decision makers.

The book carries a statistical appendix which provides essential data on the sector, and strengthens its utility as a reference document. It will be of interest to various players in the sector including practitioners, bankers, insurance companies, venture capitalists, regulators, donors and academics.

Prabhu Ghate
Prabhu Ghate
Progress Under the SHG-Bank Linkage Programme
Prabhu Ghate
SHG Federations: Financiers or Nurturers?
Sanjay Sinha
MFI Performance: Efficiency with Growth
Prabhu Ghate
Urban Microfinance
Frances Sinha
Social Performance in Indian Microfinance
Sai Gunaranjan
Micro Insurance
Prasanth V Regy and Vijay Mahajan
Microfinance and Technology
Prabhu Ghate
Regulation: The Microfinance Bill: An Opportunity Being Lost?

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