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Mentoring 2.0

Mentoring 2.0
A Practitioner’s Guide to Changing Lives

  • Sunil Unny Guptan - Visiting Professor, IIM Ahmedabad and Adjunct Professor, IIM Udaipur

August 2018 | 256 pages | SAGE Response

Mentors are magical people. They can potentially transform ordinary folks into amazing icons of achievement. The best of them can morph their subtle and exalted practice into an art form.

This book is a walking tour of the workings of the mentoring process, the key aspects of the practice of mentoring, and the snares and snags to look out for. It takes a systematic look at all aspects of getting the best out of being a mentor and having one to guide you.

The author also discusses the new aspects of the practice:

  • E-mentoring
  • Mentoring leaders
  • Evaluating mentoring
  •   Expectations in mentoring
  •   Capability and attributes of the mentor
  •   Challenges in mentoring and handling difficult situations
  •   Designing and setting up mentoring schemes within organizations 

Several cases and examples cited in the book are of actual people living through the process, and are drawn from the author’s long years of experience, practice and research. 

It is an invaluable guidebook for top executives and senior managers wanting to mentor young professionals, for teachers and educationalist working with the youth of today, for faculty and students of business schools and institutions of higher learning and for young people seeking a mentor.

Foreword by C. Parthasarathy
How it All Began
What Mentors Do
Getting to Know the Mentor Better
Inside the Mentor’s Mind
Abilities and Aptitude of the Mentor
Challenges in Mentoring
The Mentoring Process
Designing Mentoring Schemes in Organizations
Expectations in Mentoring
Evaluating Mentoring
Mentoring Leaders
Mentoring Practices in Different Sectors
Questions You May Have About Mentoring

“I see this book as an excellent guide to understand the nuances of mentoring for those in the practice and for those aspiring to step in…a valuable companion for the corporate executives to nurture leaders and confident young people in their teams.”

C Parthasarathy,
Chairman and Managing Director, Karvy Group"

The book has beautiful examples in every chapter that definitely helps the reader get a better understanding with helpful concepts and case stories… The in-depth analysis on mentorship done by Guptan is commendable… It is safe to say that this book should be a guide for all aspiring mentors or individuals who are already playing the role of a mentor in someone’s life and also all individuals who have mentors who they look up to whenever they need guidance.”

The Book Review, December 2019

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