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Mental Health Nursing

Mental Health Nursing
An Evidence Based Introduction

© 2011 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Do you want to know how to help people with mental health problems?

This book introduces you to the core skills and essential knowledge you need to deliver high-quality care.

Mental Health Nursing is a practical, values- and evidence-based resource which will guide and support you through your pre-registration mental health nursing programme and into your own practice.

Dedicated chapters focus on the major mental health problems, and are clearly structured so that you can quickly and easily identify what you want learn about helping people with, for example, depression, anxiety, psychosis, or acute mental health problems.

The most up-to-date theories, as well as mental health policies and law from all four countries of the UK, are explained accessibly by experienced lecturers and nurse practitioners who show you through real-life case scenarios how you can use your newly-acquired knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality care yourself. You will also be encouraged - through regular reflection and discussion points - to see things with a critical eye and to engage in and drive on the debates that make mental health nursing such an exciting field to be studying and working in.

Set within a framework which emphasises and makes clear the core skills, values and knowledge-base you need to become capable mental health nurse, you will find this book a vital companion as you progress through your studies and onto helping people confidently in everyday life.

Steven Pryjmachuk
Theoretical Perspectives in Mental-Health Nursing
Steven Pryjmachuk
The Capable Mental-Health Nurse
Steven Pryjmachuk
New Ways of Working in Mental-Health
Jane Briddon and Clare Baguley with Lucy Rolfe
Helping People Recover from Depression
Clare Baguley and Jane Briddon with Joanne Bramley
Helping People Recover from Anxiety
Tim Bradshaw and Hilary Mairs
Helping People Recover from Psychosis
Sara Munro and John Baker
Helping People Who Have Acute Mental-Health Problems
Simon Burrow
Helping Older People with Mental-Health Problems
Noreen Ryan and Steven Pryjmachuk
Helping Children with Mental-Health Problems
Sarah Kendal and Steven Pryjmachuk
Helping Young People with Mental-Health Difficulties
Ian Wilson
Helping People Who Misuse Substances
John Baker, Michael Coffey and Mike Doyle
Helping People with Mental-Health Problems Who Come into Contact with the Criminal Justice System

'This exciting new book for pre-registration students of mental health nursing has a fresh, contemporary feel, and engages the reader throughout with points for reflection and learning. With chapter contributions from an impressive team of leaders in the field this deserves to be widely read and used, and I commend this publication without reservation.'
Dr Ben Hannigan
Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies

'In the UK, mental health nursing is moving with the times. Students and registered nurses need high-quality, up-to-date textbooks that are not only moving with the times but are also moving the profession forward. This excellent book, which uses the best up to date evidence, is doing just that. It needs to find its way onto the bookshelves of every student mental health nurse.'
Dr Theo Stickley
University of Nottingham School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy

'Organised clearly and logically so that you can find information quickly, this book is perfect for the modern mental health nursing student and will guide you through your course studies and placements.'
Gemma Barnacle,
Pre-registration Nursing student, University of Chester

A very useful book for evidence based mental health nursing. Recommended for mental health student nurses.

Mr Dean McShane
School of Health & Social Care, Chester University
November 16, 2015

this has been well adopted by my students as it is an easy read with an exceptional ability to meet all learning needs.

Mrs Patricia Ann Allison
NVQ Office, Wiltshire and Somerset Colleges Partnership Ltd
November 5, 2015

An excellent text for those wishing to work within Mental Health Services. Client centred with clear guidance on the reflective aspect of mental health nursing, this book supports both student and practitioner to develop their skills in line with current evidence-based research. . I will be recommending this book for all my students.

Ms Sarah Jane Bowman
Community Studies, Truro & Penwith College
September 23, 2015

Excellent book which is appropriate for Pre & Post registration nursing. Reflections and case scenarios are helpful tools for the students.

Mrs Tracey Rogers
Faculty of Health, University of Central Lancashire
May 17, 2015

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