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Mental Health in Black America

Mental Health in Black America

Edited by:
  • Harold W. Neighbors - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement
  • James S. Jackson - University of Michigan, USA, Emeritus, Anthropology, University of Michigan, Emeritus

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Psychology (General)

September 1996 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume details the self-reported stress of being Black in the United States, and documents the cultural resources African Americans draw upon to overcome adversity and maintain a positive, healthy perspective on life.

Based on data obtained from a United States National Survey of Black Americans, the book first discusses psychological and sociological factors affecting life satisfaction. Contributors then explore how these psychosocial factors contribute to such health problems as alcoholism and hypertension. The volume concludes with an examination of strategies Black Americans use in their attempt to solve life problems. These include: prayer; avoidance; active problem-solving; and seeking help from family, community mental health providers and law enforcement agencies.

Gerald Gurin
Harold W Neighbors and James S Jackson
Mental Health in Black America
Psychosocial Problems and Help-Seeking Behavior

Carolyn B Murray and M Jean Peacock
A Model-Free Approach to the Study of Subjective Well-Being
Gayle Y Phillips
Stress and Residential Well-Being
Isidore Silas Obot
Problem Drinking, Chronic Disease and Recent Life Events
Rhoda E Barge Johnson and Joan E Crowley
An Analysis of Stress Denial
Diane R Brown
Marital Status and Mental Health
Ernest H Johnson and Larry M Gant
The Association between Anger-Hostility and Hypertension
Clifford L Broman
Coping with Personal Problems
Robert Joseph Taylor, Cheryl Burns Hardison and Linda M Chatters
Kin and Nonkin as Sources of Informal Assistance
Cleopatra Howard Caldwell
Predisposing, Enabling and Need Factors Related to Patterns of Help-Seeking among African American Women
Vicki M Mays, Cleopatra Howard Caldwell and James S Jackson
Mental Health Symptoms and Service Utilization Patterns of Help-Seeking among African American Women
Patricia A Washington
The Police
A Reluctant Social Service Agency in the African American Community

James S Jackson and Harold W Neighbors
Changes in African American Resources and Mental Health
1979 to 1992


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