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Men as Managers, Managers as Men

Men as Managers, Managers as Men
Critical Perspectives on Men, Masculinities and Managements

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September 1996 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Most managers in most organizations in most countries are men. This book is the first international work to address the relationships between men, masculinities and managements. It examines the processes through which gendered managerial structures, cultures and practices are reproduced. Exploring top and middle managers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and public and private sector managers, the book breaks new ground by critically examining the gendered power processes that have largely been assumed and ignored by conventional organizational and management theory.

As well as providing new insights into how managements and masculinities may reinforce each other, this challenging book ultimately explores the ways in which both management and men might be changed, even transformed.

David L Collinson and Jeff Hearn
Breaking the Silence
On Men, Masculinities and Managements

Wendy Hollway
Masculinities and Managements in the Transition from Factory Hands to Sentimental Workers
David Morgan
The Gender of Bureaucracy
Beverly H Burris
Technocracy, Patriarchy and Management
Deborah Kerfoot and David Knights
The Best Is Yet to Come? Searching for Embodiment in Managerial Work
Rosslyn Reed
Entrepreneurialism and Paternalism in Australian Management
A Gender Critique for the `Self-Made' Man

Kate Mulholland
Entrepreneurialism, Masculinities and the `Self-Made' Man
Cheryl R Lehman
Quiet Whispers... Men Accounting for Women, West to East
Alison E Woodward
Multinational Masculinities and European Bureaucracies
Patricia Yancey Martin
Gendering and Evaluating Dynamics
Men, Masculinities and Managements

Michael Roper
`Seduction and Succession'
Circuits of Homosocial Desire in Management

Craig Prichard
Managing Universities
Is It Men's Work?


`This book is mainly interesting for academics who are already involved in gender issues and/or issues of organizational design. It can stimulate them to translate the ideas brought up in this book into empirical research questions' - International Journal of Selection and Assessment

`Overall this book makes a valuable addition to the study of both masculinities and of gendering in the workplace. Themes that persistently emerge are the plurality of masculinities and management styles; the centrality of notions of control, rationality and expertise to discourses of masculinity; and the devaluing of women and their expertise.... This is a book to be purchased and enjoyed' - Sociological Research Online, 1997

`This is a fine collection, with contributions from very many of those we have come to associate with pioneering and arresting insights on masculiniites and how they play out in organizations.... Men as Managers, Managers as Men contributes much to teasing out the multiplicity of masculinities which Bob Connell (1995) argues is so important to a deeper understanding of gender and institutional dynamics. In the past, managerial masculinity has tended to be a one-dimensional concept (not unlike early treatments of women in management... ). We assume the masculinity enacted by managers to be a privileged one, placing and enforcing unquestioned value on instrumentality and control, impersonality and the illusion of expertise. This book helps us move beyond this narrow understanding and come to grips with the multiplicity of masculinities being enacted and re-shaped in managerial lives, their impacts on women, on organizations and the men themselves' - International Review of Women and Leadership

`These excellent essays raise new and probing questions about gendered power in organizations. They undress management to expose man - his cultures, his manoeuvres, his desires' - Cynthia Cockburn, City University, London

`The great classic theories of management have taken it for granted that management (hierarchy) and hegemonic masculinities (gender) intersect. This book is the first to break the silence and subject the taboo to scrutiny' - Silvia Gherardi, University of Trento

`Adding a much-needed and distinctive perspective to the emerging field of gender studies of organizations, the authors of this provocative edited volume reveal, in unexpected ways, how the theory and practice of management have been embedded in assumptions about masculinities' - Joanne Martin, Stanford University

`I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend the book as a much needed redress to the gender blindness of the research and teaching conducted on managements' - Capital & Class

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