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Mega Cities

Mega Cities
The Metropolis Era

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Planning (General)

May 1988 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The second volume presents an in-depth analysis of ten giant cities. The contributors - all leading experts on their respective cities - describe the present and future economic, social, political and environmental problems facing each city. Both public policy failures and successes are studied. Mega-Cities looks at - New York City, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Delhi, Lagos, Cairo, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.
Mattei Dogan and John D Kasarda
Comparing Giant Cities

George Sternlieb and James W Hughes
New York City
Ivan Light
Los Angeles
Emrys Jones
Hachiro Nakamura and James W White
Rhoads Murphey
Hans Nagpaul
Michael L McNulty and Isaac Ayinde Adalemo
Ahmed M Khalifa and Mohamed M Moheiddin
Martha Schteingart
Mexico City
Vilmar Evangelista Faria
Sao Paolo

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