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Medicine, Health and Society

Medicine, Health and Society

© 2012 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Sharp, bold and engaging, this book provides a contemporary account of why medical sociology matters in our modern society.

Combining theoretical and empirical perspectives, and applying the pragmatic demands of policy, this timely book explores society's response to key issues such as race, gender and identity to explain the relationship between sociology, medicine and medical sociology.

Each chapter includes an authoritative introduction to pertinent areas of debate, a clear summary of key issues and themes and dedicated bibliography.

Chapters include:

• social theory and medical sociology

• health inequalities

• bodies, pain and suffering

• personal, local and global.

Brimming with fresh interpretations and critical insights this book will contribute to illuminating the practical realities of medical sociology.

This exciting text will be of interest to students of sociology of health and illness, medical sociology, and sociology of the body.

Hannah Bradby has a visiting fellowship at the Department of Primary Care and Health Sciences, King's College London. She is monograph series editor for the journal Sociology of Health and Illness and co-edits the multi-disciplinary journal Ethnicity and Health.

Prologue: Sociology, Medicine and Medical Sociology
Medical Sociology and Its Relationship with Sociology  
Theory and Application  
Sociology and Medicine  
Interdisciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity  
Introducing the Sociology of Medicine, Health and Society
Social Theory and the Sociology of Health and Medicine
Parsons and Functionalism  
Criticism of Parsons' Idealized Type  
Theories of Conflict and Political Economy  
Inequalities and Social Stratification  
Modernity and Post-Modernity  
Social Constructionism  
Post-Structuralism and Structuralism  
Criticism of Constructionism  
Health Inequalities
Theory and Inequality  
Inequity and Inequality  
Measurement of Inequality  
The Pattern of Health Inequalities  
Causes of Inequalities  
Healthcare and Inequalities  
Global Inequality  
Women, Gender and Feminism
Gendered Visibility  
Gendered Polarity and Theorizing Difference  
Reconceptualizing Gender  
Undoing Polarities  
Health Inequalities  
Morbidity, Gender and the Effect of Work  
Ethnicity, Racism and Difference
Background - UK  
Background - USA  
Sociology of Race Relations  
Ethnicity and Health Inequalities  
Mental Health  
Bodies, Pain and Suffering
The Sociological Body  
Dissecting the Body  
Cultural Bodies  
Biotechnological Bodies  
Bodies and Disabilities  
Bodies and Narrative  
Mute Bodies  
Meta-Narrative and Suffering  
The Workings of Medicine
Medicine's Golden Age  
Medical Power  
Medical Imperialism  
Proletarianization, Deprofessionalization and Corporatization  
Challenging Medicine: Efficacy, Efficiency, Accessibility  
Efficacy, Equity and Efficiency  
Managers, Managerialism and Markets  
Challenging Equity  
Has the NHS Improved?  
The Doctor-Patient Relationship in a Regulatory Framework  
The Legal Challenge  
Consumerism in Medicine  
Alternative Medical Practitioners  
Medical Tourism  
Medicalization in a Digital Era  
The Practice of Medicine  
Medical Encounters  
Ethics and Expectations of Biotechnological Innovation  
The Culture of Bioethics  
Global Health  
Medical Migration  
Global Suffering and Sociology  
Glossary of Terms  

In this timely book, Hannah Bradby brings together classic sociological writings and the latest research on the links between medicine, health and society. Bradby discusses a range of important issues with three main themes: patterns of illness in populations, health and illness in everyday life, and the promise and pitfalls of modern health care systems. Bradby offers insightful analysis as well as synthesis in areas such as inequalities, gender and ethnicity, where she is a leading expert. Throughout the book, Bradby's command of her material is impressive, and expressed in an approachable and lively style. Highly commended - a key work for all students of medical sociology
Mike Bury
Professor Emeritus of Royal Holloway College

An really interesting medical sociology text which chapters on the sociology of body and pain which I have recommended.

Dr Bethany Simmonds
Social, Historical & Literary Studies, Portsmouth University
September 20, 2016

a good supplemental text that is useful across levels, have recommended as extended reading

Miss Hannah Bethan Miles
HE CARE, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
August 12, 2015

I have asked the students whom I teach at MSc level to consider reading this book as part of their supplementary reading. It is insightful and gives a public health point of view.

Miss Daljinder Virk
Department of Psychology, Coventry University
April 1, 2014

A really great introduction. Students are provided here with an accessible overview of the key issues in sociology of health and illness. Very well written and an invaluable resource - for students of sociology and social policy, it should also be read by health professionals in their training too.

Dr Sarah Nettleton
Department of Sociology, York University
February 11, 2014

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