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Media, Democracy and Social Change

Media, Democracy and Social Change
Re-imagining Political Communications

September 2020 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In an age of ‘fake news’ and Facebook algorithims, it can be tempting to see politics now as all mediation. This book makes the case for bringing the political back into political communications, refocusing on on the broader contexts of neoliberalism, the state, elites, populism, new media, activism and so on. There’s more to Trump than Twitter. We have to engage with democracy and capitalism, not just social media.

Chapter 1. Putting Politics Back Into Political Communications
Chapter 2. Infrastructures of Political Communications
Chapter 3. The State of Political Communications
Chapter 4. Elites, Experts, Power and Democracy
Chapter 5. Democracy without Political Parties?
Chapter 6. The Violence of an Illiberal Liberalism
Chapter 7. Political Communications, Civil Society and the Commons
Chapter 8. Intellectuals and the Re-imagining of Political Communications

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ISBN: 9781526456960