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Mass Media and Environmental Conflict

Mass Media and Environmental Conflict
America's Green Crusades

November 1996 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Throughout the history of the environmental movement, the mass media, environmentalists, governments and various power groups have interacted at various levels to affect social change.

The authors of Mass Media and Environmental Conflict emphasize these interactions using a series of case studies in environmental conflict from the United States. They explore the role of books, magazines and newspaper articles amongst other media and the ways media coverage has created both regional and national communities of environmental understanding. Cases covered include: contests over public land; the depletion of wildlife species and the evolution of hunting regulations; campaigns for clean air; and workplace hazards.

Specialized Media
Forest and Stream Magazine and the Redefinition of Hunting

Mainstream Media
The Radium Girls

The Media and Social Change
I. Mother of the Forest

The Media and Social Change
II. The Great Alaskan Land Fraud

Media and Competing Power Groups
A Big Dam Controversy

Conflict Management and Scientific Understanding
The 1920s Ethyl Leaded Gasoline Controversy

The Importance of Dramatic Events
The Donora Killer Smog and Smoke Abatement Campaigns


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