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Marketing Theory

Marketing Theory
A Student Text

Third Edition
Edited by:

May 2016 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Marketing Theory introduces and explains the role of theory in marketing by uncovering its histories, disciplinary underpinnings, subfields, discourses and debates.  From strategy and ethics to digital marketing and consumer behaviour, leading marketing experts shine a light on what can be a challenging perspective of marketing. 

In this new Third Edition there are up-to-date examples from global companies such as Pepsi, Amazon and H&M; entirely new chapters on Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Service-Dominant Logic (SD-L) and contributions from Global Specialists including Bob Lusch, Patrick Murphy and Susan Hart.

Ideal for Upper level undergraduate and postgraduate marketing students studying marketing theory, critical marketing, and the history of marketing modules.

PART ONE: Overview of Marketing Theory
Michael J. Baker
Chapter 1: Marketing – Philosophy or Function?
Michael Saren
Chapter 2: Marketing Theory
D. G. Brian Jones and Mark Tadajewski
Chapter 3: A History of Historical Research in Marketing
Patrick E. Murphy and Kelly D. Martin
Chapter 4: Marketing Ethics
PART TWO: Disciplinary Underpinnings of Marketing Theory
Richard J. Varey
Chapter 5: The Economics Basis of Marketing
Allan J. Kimmel
Chapter 6: The Psychological Basis of Marketing
Kjell Grønhaug and Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe
Chapter 7: The Sociological Basis of Marketing
Kam-hon Lee and Cass Shum
Chapter 8: Cultural Aspects of Marketing
PART THREE: Theories of Marketing Management and Strategy
Walter van Waterschoot, Thomas Foscht, Marion Brandstaetter and Andreas B. Eisingerich
Chapter 9: The Marketing Mix: A Helicopter View
Robin Wensley
Chater 10: Marketing Strategy
Sally Dibb and Lyndon Simkin
Chapter 11: Market Segmentation and Segment Strategy
PART FOUR: Theoretical Sub-Areas of Marketing
Margaret K. Hogg and Rob Lawson
Chapter 12: Consumer Behaviour
Julia Wolny
Chapter 13: Marketing Communications in a Digital World
Mark S. Glynn and Roderick J. Brodie
Chapter 14: Theories of Value and Brand Equity
Susan Hart
Chapter 15: Innovation and New Product Development
Kristian Møller
Chapter 16: Relationships and Networks
Christopher Moore and Stephen Doyle
Chapter 17: Theories of Retailing
Evert Gummesson
Chapter 18: The New Service Marketing
Stephen L. Vargo, Robert F. Lusch and Kaisa Koskela-Huotari
Chapter 19: Service-Dominant Logic
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
Chapter 20: Social Marketing Theory
William E. Kilbourne and Anastasia Thyroff
Chapter 21: Sustainable Marketing

Michael Baker and Michael Saren have developed their student text on marketing further to include emerging topics, such as sustainability and social media. Other new topics include service marketing. The book covers the contemporary marketing field well, and offers a good and interesting overview of marketing.

Christian Grönroos
Professor Emeritus, Hanken School of Economics, Finland

This is a key text for students wishing to understand more about marketing theory. With contributions from leading international authors, the collection of chapters documents the main disciplinary influences on marketing theory and the theoretical evolution of key sub-areas.

Pauline Maclaran
Co-editor in chief Marketing Theory, Professor of Marketing & Consumer Research, Royal Holloway, University of London

The book brings an interesting review of the marketing strategy literature. The chapters are well organized and the references include the most important studies to the marketing area.

Professor Lucas Lira Finoti
Business Administration , FACEAR
April 7, 2016

Great overview of underpinning theory for all Marketing students

Dr Morven McEachern
Salford Business School, Salford University
November 11, 2016

Good book however perhaps a bit "heavy" for 4th year undergrads. Nevertheless it contains some very useful information for those who wish to develop a better understanding of this fundamental topic.

Dr Joseph Vella
Communications , University of Malta
June 7, 2016

The new editions is very well coming, especially when considering the new chapters: 'Marketing communication in a Digital World' and "Service-dominant logic'.

Besides this course I recommend this book to final year students doing their dissertation as way to strengthen their theoretical basis.

Mrs Marcia Christina Ferreira
Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University
August 1, 2016

The book is a very good reading for post graduate students or researchers who want to connect the dots about the subject which they have learnt in fragments in different modules. I was interested to check the book as I thought this book will discuss some of the popular theories and models taught in marketing discipline. Unfortunately the book is not designed to serve that purpose. There is nothing wrong with the idea of the book. But the book is not designed as a text book nor it attempts to explain any of the common issues that undergraduate marketing students are in generally looking for. Students with greater interest in subject or looking to clear the concepts they have studied will find this book very helpful. On that ground two or three copies of this book will enrich any higher educational library.

Dr Shohail Choudhury
Business and Management, Derby University
May 27, 2016

I'm currently using some other books as the core text, but this book also has multiple chapters students can benefit from, especially when doing their project and/or writing essays. Hence, I'll cite this as a supplementary textbook students can refer to.

Dr Aybars Tuncdogan
Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
June 10, 2016

An excellent text providing researchers and students with contemporary debate and discussion to facilitate the application of marketing.

Mr Paul Matthews
School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events, University College Birmingham
May 4, 2016