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Marketing Research

Marketing Research
A Managerial Approach

First Edition
  • Al Marshall - Australian Catholic University, Australia
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February 2023 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Marketing Research: A Managerial Approach is a new textbook that explains the market research process in a way that is easy to understand. The author discusses the main elements (problem identification, methodologies, data collection, analysis, reporting) and also places a strong focus on digital and observation-based research to reflect their growing role in marketing research practice. Balanced coverage is given to both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The textbook provides the right amount of theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for students who plan to become marketers and will use market research agencies rather than conduct the research themselves.

Learning features include suggested journal articles, key terms, review questions and also discussion questions. There are extensive examples provided throughout the textbook. There are also a range of online resources for lecturers to use in the classroom, including PowerPoint slides, a Teaching Guide and videos.

This textbook is suitable for all students studying marketing research at either an undergraduate or a postgraduate level.

Dr Al Marshall is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and a Postgraduate Coordinator in the School of Business at Le Cordon Bleu and has had a long career in market research consultancies in different countries.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Market Research & the Modern Organisation
Chapter 2: Research Typologies & the Business Issue for Research
Chapter 3: Secondary Research & Marketing Intelligence
Chapter 4: Qualitative Data Collection – Communication & Observation Methods
Chapter 5: Quantitative Data Collection – Communication & Observation Methods
Chapter 6: Target Markets, Sample Design and Sample Size
Chapter 7: Data Collection Instruments – Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Chapter 8: Qualitative Data Analysis – Communication & Observation Methods
Chapter 9: Quantitative Data Analysis – Communication & Observation Methods
Chapter 10: Reporting and Presenting Solutions to the Business Issue
Chapter 11: Ethics, Privacy and New Technology

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