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Marketing Management

Marketing Management
Indian Context Global Perspective

Sixth Edition
  • Ramaswamy - Marketing and HRD Associates, Consultancy firm, Cochin, India
  • Namakumari - Marketing and HRD Associates, Consultancy firm, Cochin, India
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July 2018 | 864 pages | SAGE Texts

Isn't it time we addressed the elephant in the room?

Are the existing texts on marketing management contextually sufficient for Indian students? Here is the pioneer. A book that is India-centric, comprehensive and apt for the times. Staying relevant to contemporary times, the sixth edition of the transformational text Marketing Management: Indian Context, Global Perspective comes with an even mightier foundation with its practical, research-based content.

Why this particular text?

Because it is not an ‘adaptation of a foreign book’ or one ‘with few Indian examples’. It has remained, since its first edition, published 35 years ago, the unparalleled text presenting an India-centric approach to the discipline of marketing.

The compelling logic for an Indian text

Since marketing is an environment-driven subject, it requires an environment-specific treatment. This text meets this need and equips students to comprehend marketing in a manner relevant to the Indian setting.

Tracks every transition and change

Marketing is changing. India is changing. Technology, digitisation and overall disruption drive this change. This text captures this change and interprets its import.

Comprehensive coverage, engaging presentation

The text re-visits the basics and explores the contemporary concepts of marketing. It contains a fine blend of mini cases on experiences of companies, both Indian and global. It comes with a brand-new feature: Marketing Insight Exhibit; as many as 140 exhibits explain how high-performing Indian and global companies keep excelling.

With this book, students will start loving the study of marketing

User-friendliness, excellent readability, exciting presentation and innovative design are its hallmarks.

Foreword to the First Edition
Part One: Marketing in Indian Environment
Understanding Marketing as a Value-delivering Task
Studying Marketing Environment
Contemporary Indian Marketing Environment
Part Two: Developing Marketing Strategy and Plans
Strategic Planning at Corporate Level and Marketing Planning at Business Level
Formulating Marketing Strategy
Analysing Industry and Competition
Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering
Part Three: Analysing Consumers and Selecting Markets
Consumer Behaviour and Buying-decision Process
The Indian Consumer
Segmentation and Targeting for Maximising Customer Value
Part Four: Creating Customer Value: Managing the Product
Product Management: The Fundamentals
Managing Brands and Building Brand Equity
Introducing New Products and Innovations
Marketing of Services
Part Five: Delivering Customer Value: Managing Distribution
Managing Distribution Logistics
Designing and Managing Marketing Channels
Retailing: Perspective of the Retailer/Retail Chain
Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing
Part Six: Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communications
Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotion and Digital Communications
Managing Personal Communications: Personal Selling and Sales
Customer Relations Management
Part Seven: Capturing Customer Value
Part Eight: Supporting and Controlling the Marketing Effort
MIS and Marketing Research
Demand Forecasting and Marketing Control
Part Nine: A Special Field in Indian Marketing
Rural Marketing in India: Potential, Challenges and Strategies
Subject Index

“Of the Indian marketing scholars, by the Indian Marketing Scholars and for the Indian Marketing scholars.”


Dr G Sridhar,
IIM Kozhikode

Pivoted in customer value delivery-a concept germane to marketing-this book is firmly grounded in the contemporary Indian environment marked by the rising sophistication of consumers. The book will appeal to both the teacher and the taught, through the vivid portrayal of marketing challenges and the application of concepts. 

Dr Ramesh Narasimhan,
Associate Professor, School of Business Management, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai

Here is a text that every academician in the field of marketing would love to refer to because it not only flows with the thoughts and observations of a teacher but also represents an understanding of marketing with reference to contemporary India in relation to the rest of the world. 

Dr Vinay Sharma,
Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

I have seen this book growing from its earliest edition and keeping pace with the changing marketing world around. The authors deserve kudos for the same. I am sure that students and teachers in earnest will receive the sixth edition of the book.

Professor Narendra Kumar Sharma,
Visiting Professor, IIT Guwahati; Adjunct Professor, ABV-IIITM Gwalior; Retired Professor, IIT Kanpur

The mission says it all: 'A book on marketing management tailored to the Indian classrooms'. In my two decades as a marketing professor, many a time I have encountered blank looks when foreign examples are presented in the class. Alien concepts and alien environment drove down the interest in the subject. The book by Ramaswamy and Namakumari hits the right balance by providing a plethora of Indian cases and examples in the context of rapidly changing global marketing environment. 

Dr Rohit Vishal Kumar,
International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar

This is among the pioneer textbooks in the field of marketing in Indian context. The course coverage of the book is exhaustive, the cases are from varied industry spheres and the material focuses on the Indian market. It fills a large gap on textbook requirements for any postgraduate programme in management (PGDMIMBA). 

Dr Pradeep Kautish,
School of Management Studies, Mody University of Science and Technology, Sikar

Learning what is relevant is perhaps the most important challenge for the learner and the facilitator within the structured duration of an MBA curriculum. The sixth edition of this book is typically focused on making learning more reality-oriented, especially for Indian students. The recent disruptive changes in the Indian market and the consequent changes in its marketing environment are diligently woven with the fundamentals to equip students with the most contemporary marketing insights. 

Dr Rituparna Basu,
Assistant Professor, Associate Editor-lMI Konnect International Management Institute, Kolkata

Indian context and simplified language will surely serve business and management students to learn basic marketing concepts applicable to business setting in India. 

Dr Prashant Kumar,
T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal

An ideal textbook for MBA students. The conceptual clarity combined with illustrations and examples from the Indian context makes it interesting to read. Eagerly waiting for the sixth edition from SAGE. 

Professor Johney Johnson,
School of Management & Business Studies Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

The book is relevant, updated and covers all contemporary issues in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It covers topics that are vital for the fundamental understanding of the marketing discipline. Mini cases and marketing insights add more value to the book and are of immense help to readers. The flow and presentation of the content are logical, interesting and meaningful. The book is a WOW experience for readers and covers every essential component of the marketing discipline. 

Professor Himanshu Misra,
PhD, UGC-NET, MIBA (BHU), Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

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