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Marketing in a Multicultural World

Marketing in a Multicultural World
Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cultural Identity

Edited by:
  • Janeen Arnold Costa - University of Utah School of Medicine and School of Nursing
  • Gary J. Bamossy - University of Utah, USA, Georgetown University, USA, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Advertising & Promotion

April 1995 | 341 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The latest theories on cultural identity and the impact of ethnicity on the practice of marketing are presented in this timely book.

Issues addressed include: various ethnic responses to marketing strategies; marketing and ethnicity in developing countries and emerging capitalist nations; the effect of ethnicity on product evaluation and choice; the use of consumer goods and services to express ethnicity; and the involvement of specific ethnic groups in various aspects of the marketing profession.

Janeen Arnold Costa and Gary J Bamossy
Perspectives on Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cultural Identity
Alladi Venkatesh
A New Paradigm to Study Cultural and Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

Dominique Bouchet
Marketing and the Redefinition of Ethnicity
A Fuat Firat
Consumer Culture or Culture Consumed?
Eugeen Roosens
Interest Groups with a Noble Face
Annamma Joy et al
The Cultural Past in the Present
The Meaning of Home and Objects in the Homes of Working-Class Italian Immigrants in Montreal

Russell W Belk and Magda Paun
Ethnicity and Consumption in Romania
Ayse S Caglar
Döner Kebap and the Social Positioning Struggle of German Turks

Thomas M Wilson
Blurred Borders
Local and Global Consumer Culture in Northern Ireland

Kunal Basu
Marketing Developing Society Crafts
A Framework for Analysis and Change

Janeen Arnold Costa and Gary J Bamossy
Culture and the Marketing of Culture
The Museum Retail Context


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ISBN: 9780803953284