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Market-Driven Journalism

Market-Driven Journalism
Let the Citizen Beware?

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June 1994 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This is the first book to provide a comprehensive theory of commercial news production. The author's systematic study of the way in which firms deploy resources, such as reporters and photographers, to maximize return to shareholders leads to an examination of the ways such practices affect journalistic quality. John H McManus examines the application of market logic to news and its growing importance to local broadcast media.

Until the mid-1980s, local television news tended to be viewed by journalists in other media as an inconsequential, market-driven medium. During the last decade, however, newspapers and network television have also found themselves to be prey to market forces as a consequence of increasing competition and a shrinking advertising market.

The Rise of Market-Driven Journalism
The Nature of News Reconsidered
Environmental Influences on News Production
How Culture, Technology, and Laws and Regulations Shape News

Finding the Logic of Commercial News Production
Does Serving the Market Conflict with Serving the Public?
The First Stage of News Production
Learning What's Happening

The Second Stage of News Production
Selecting Events for Coverage

The Third Stage of News Production
Reporting the Story

The Journalists Respond
So What? Market Journalism's Effect on Society
Where Do We Go from Here?

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ISBN: 9780803952539