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Managing the Organizational Melting Pot

Managing the Organizational Melting Pot
Dilemmas of Workplace Diversity

June 1997 | 403 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Some of the more troublesome and disturbing aspects of workplace diversity are illuminated in this volume - individual and institutional resistance, the effectiveness of diversity change efforts and the less visible ways in which exclusion and discrimination continue to be practised in the workplace.

To help the reader understand some of these dilemmas, the contributors adopt a number of theoretical frameworks which are striking departures from traditional perspectives on diversity. These include: intergroup relations theory; critical theory; Jungian psychology; feminism; post- colonial theory; cultural history; postmodernism; realism; institutional theory; and class analysis. In addition, they examine different organizational situations in which complex predicaments of diversity surface - many of which cross race, gender, ethnic and other socially constructed boundaries.

Pushkala Prasad and Albert J Mills
From Showcase to Shadow
Understanding the Dilemmas of Managing Workplace Diversity

J Michael Cavanagh
(In)corporating the Other? Managing the Politics of Workplace Difference
Collette Oseen
The Sexually Specific Subject and the Dilemma of Difference
Re-Thinking the Difference in the Construction of the Non-Hierarchical Workplace

Roy Jacques
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being
Reflections of a Pale, Stale, Male

Richard Marsden
Class Discipline
IR/HR and the Normalization of the Workforce

Pushkala Prasad
The Protestant Ethic and Myths of the Frontier
Cultural Imprints, Organizational Structuring and Workplace Diversity

Michael B Elmes and Debra L Connelley
Dreams of Diversity and the Realities of Intergroup Relations in Organizations
Albert J Mills
Dueling Discourses
Desexualization versus Eroticism in the Corporate Framing of Female Sexuality in the British Airline Industry, 1945-60

Pat Bradshaw and David Wicks
Women in the Academy
Cycles of Resistance and Compliance

Mark Maier
`We Have To Make a Management Decision'
Challenger and the Dysfunctions of Corporate Masculinity

Paula Caproni and Joycelyn Finley
When Organizations Do Harm
Two Cautionary Tales

Anshuman Prasad
The Colonizing Consciousness and Representations of the Other
A Postcolonial Critique of the Discourse of Oil

E Joy Mighty
Triple Jeopardy
Immigrant Women of Color in the Labor Force

Diana J Wong-MingJi and Ali Husain Mir
How International Is International Management? Provincialism, Parochialism, and the Problematic of Global Diversity
Anshu Prasad and Michael B Elmes
Issues in the Management of Diversity

On receipt of book, realised it was not suitable for the Masters programme. However, I have given it to a colleague, Senior Lecturer in Management and have asked for feedback. Will post.

Mrs Nicola Sowe
NBS Consultancy and Training, NBS Consultancy and Training (Teaching and Learning)
May 3, 2012

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