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Managing Organizational Deviance

Managing Organizational Deviance

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Business Ethics | Survey Research

February 2005 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Managing Organization Deviance draws together contributions written by recognized experts and includes short cases written specifically for this volume.

Considered in this book are both micro and macro perspectives of deviance and dysfunctional behavior. Offering practical guidance to those faced with ambiguous situations of deviant behaviour in the workplace it considers cross-cultural implications and views of deviance as well as the moral implications of deviance for the organization, group and individual.

Roland E. Kidwell Jr., & Christopher L. Martin
CHAPTER 1. The Prevalence (and Ambiguity) of Deviant Behavior at Work: An Overview
CASE 1.1. Columbia/HCA Health Care

CASE 1.2. The Undercover Operator

Anita Mancuso and Timothy O. Ireland
Jennifer Dunn and Maurice E. Schweitzer
CHAPTER 2. Why Good Employees Make Unethical Decisions: The Role of Organizational Culture, Reward Systems and Managerial Oversight
CASE 2. Sears Automotive

Linda Klebe Treviño and Michael A. Brown
CHAPTER 3. The Role of Leaders in Influencing Unethical Behavior
in the Workplace
CHAPTER 3. The Role of Leaders in Influencing Unethical Behavior
in the Workplace
CHAPTER 3. The Role of Leaders in Influencing Unethical Behavior in the Workplace
CASE 3. Bernard Ebbers: Innovative Leader or Reckless Risk Taker

Robert J. Bies and Thomas M. Tripp
CHAPTER 4. Badmouthing the Company: Bitter Employee or Concerned Corporate Citizen
CASE 4. Web Revenge on HealthSouth Corporation

Nathan Bennett and Stefanie E. Naumann
CHAPTER 5. Withholding Effort at Work: Understanding and Preventing Shirking, Job Neglect, Social Loafing and Free Riding
CASE 5. The Low-Quality Loafers

Danielle E. Warren
CHAPTER 6. Managing Noncompliance in the Workplace
CASE 6. Noncompliance at Dow Chemical

Steven L. Grover
CHAPTER 7. The Difficulties of Telling the Truth at Work
CASE 7.1. George O'Leary's Résumé

CASE 7.2. Janet Cooke and the Washington Post

Gina Vega and Debra R. Comer
CHAPTER 8: Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
CASE 8. Kellie's Dilemma

Edward C. Tomlinson and Jerald Greenberg
CHAPTER 9. Discouraging Employee Theft by Managing Social Norms and Promoting Organizational Justice
CASE 9. The Purloined Password

Mark J. Martinko, Scott C. Douglas,
Paul Harvey, and Charles Joseph
Mark J. Martinko, Scott C. Douglas, Paul Harvey, and Charles Joseph
CHAPTER 10. Managing Organizational Aggression
CASE 10. Disney or Bust

Paul Roman
CHAPTER 11. Addictive Behaviors in the Workplace
Rebecca J. Bennett, Stefan Thau and Jay Scouten
CHAPTER 12. "I Deserve More 'Cause My Name's on the Door": Entitlement, Embededdness and Employee Deviance in the Family Business
CASE 12. Adelphia Communications and The Rigas Family

Linda Thorne and Joanne Jones
CHAPTER 13. Organizational Deviance and Culture: Oversights and Intentions
CASE 13. The Bob Smith Affair

Skye Susans and Alan J. Fish

Well structured book

Professor Dirk Drechsler
MI/UNITS, Hochschule Offenburg
April 7, 2015

I found it a useful text and have added it to our supplementary reading list

Dr Damien Page
Education , Greenwich University
April 3, 2012

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