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Managerial Psychology

Managerial Psychology

Three Volume Set
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May 2008 | 1 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Compiled by three leading authorities on managerial psychology, this collection of seminal works in the field delineates the boundaries of a vibrant and multidisplinary subject area.

With benchmark and cutting-edge articles, this collection is the first of its kind to draw together the work of leading academic writers in managerial psychology. Its audience will bridge two major academic communities: management scholars and psychology scholars.

Volume One: Individual Perspectives: The psychology of management and managing - leadership, personality, communication, teams (groups), careers, influencing and decision making, sense making, organizational behaviour

Volume Two: Group and Meso Level Perspective: Managing the new workplace: psychological correlates - personality, well-being (stress, work life balance), comparative (cross cultural), gender and diversity, identity, personel development

Volume Three: Organizational and Macro Level Perspectives: Managerial Psychology: theory and applications -epistemologies and methodologies, psychoanalysis, cognitive processes, psycholinguistics

Volume I: Individual Perspectives
Motivation & Personality
Emotional intelligence as a moderator of emotional and behavioral reactions to job insecurity Peter J. Jordan, Neal M. Ashkanazy & Charmine E.J. Hartel
Goal setting and task performance Edwin A. Locke, Karyll N. Shaw, Lise M. Saari, Gary P. Latham
The people make the place Benjamin Schneider
Personality and culture revisited: Linking traits and dimensions of culture Geert Hofstede & Robert R. McCrae
On the folly of Rewarding A while Hoping for B Steven Kerr
Reinventing leadership: A radical, social psychological approach James R. Meindl
Values, emotions, and authenticity: Will the real leader please stand up? Susan Michie & Janaki Gooty
Visionary Leadership and Strategic Management Frances Westley & Henry Mintzberg
Self-leadership: Toward an expanded theory of self-influence processes in organizations Charles C. Manz
The motivational effects of charismatic leadership: A self-concept based theory Boas Shamir, Robert J. House, & Michael B. Arthur
Managers and Leaders: Are They Different? Abraham Zaleznik
Psychological contract and careers
Back to Square Zero: The Post-Corporate Career Maury Peiperl & Yehuda Baruch
Psychological contracts in employment René Schalk & Denise M. Rousseau
Crafting a Job: Employees as Active Crafters of Their Work Amy Wrzesniewski & Jane E. Dutton
Toward strategic management for fast track executives Frank Bournois
Volume II: Group and Meso Level Perspectives
Interactions in groups and teams
Time and transition in work teams: Toward a new model of group development Connie J.G. Gersick
A Case-Study in the Functioning of Social Systems as a Defence against Anxiety: A Report on a Study of the Nursing Service of a General Hospital Isabel E.P. Menzies
Interpersonal dynamics in a simulated prison Craig Haney, Curtis Banks, & Philip Zimbardo
Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa & Dorothy E. Leidner
Groupthink I.L. Janis
Power, control & change (9)
Social cognitive theory of self-regulation Albert Bandura
Where’s the Power in Empowerment? Answers from Follett and Clegg David M. Boje & Grace Ann Rosile
Effects of group pressure upon the modification and distortion of judgments S.E. Asch
'Banana Time’: Job satisfaction and informal interaction Donald F. Roy
Some conditions of obedience and disobedience to authority Stanly Milgram
Tightening the iron cage: Concertive control in self-managing teams James R. Barker
An intergroup perspective on individual behavior Kenwyn K. Smith
The new forms of control H. Marcuse
Competition, cooperation and learning in work settings
Trust and mistrust in organizations: An exploration using an organizational justice framework Mark N.K. Saunders & Adrian Thornhill
The three cultures of management: Implications for organizational learning Edgar H. Schein
Principles of Socio-Technical Design Albert Cherns
Learning, Leadership, Teams: Corporate Learning and Organisational Change Yochanan Altman & Paul Iles
Double loop learning in organizations Chris Argyris
Volume III: Organizational and Macro Level Perspectives
Gender and diversity
Gender, Race, and Class in Organizational Contexts Meg A. Bond
Rules, Sensemaking, Formative Contexts and Discourse in the Gendering of Organizational Culture Jean Helms Mills & Albert J. Mills
The glass cliff: exploring the dynamics surrounding the appointment of women to precarious leadership positions Michelle K. Ryan & S. Alexander Haslam
Searching for Common Threads: Understanding the Multiple Effects of Diversity in Organizational Groups Frances J. Milliken & Luis L. Martins
Well-being & positive psychology vs. stress & distress (6)
Spiritual well-being, spiritual intelligence, healthy workplace policy Raymond F. Paloutzian, Robert A. Emmons & Susan G. Keortge
Job burnout Christina Maslach, Wilmar B. Schaufeli & Michael P. Leiter
Organizational citizenship behaviors: A critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature and suggestions for future research Philip M. Podsakoff, Scott B. MacKenzie, Julie Beth Paine, & Daniel G. Bachrach
Forgiveness from the Perspectives of Three Response Modes: Begrudgement, Pragmatism and Transcendence David S. Bright, Ronald E. Fry, & David L. Cooperrider
Cross-cultural differences in occupational stress among British and German managers B.D. Kirkcaldy & C.L. Cooper
Aesthetic Understanding of Organizational Life Antonio Strati
Psychological related dynamics: Storytelling, metaphors, symbols, sense making (5)
The collapse of sensemaking in organizations: The Mann Gulch disaster Karl E. Weick
Organizations, management and psychoanalysis: An overview Yiannis Gabriel & Adrian N. Carr
Stories of the Storytelling Organization: A Postmodern Analysis of Disney as Tamara-Land David M. Boje
The Missing Link: A Transformational View Of Metaphors In Organizational Science Haridimos Tsoukas
Ideas are born in fields of play: towards a theory of play and creativity in organizational settings Charalampos Mainemelis & Sarah Ronson
Organzations as Phrog Farms Jerry B. Harvey

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