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Manager to CEO

Manager to CEO
Corporate Wisdom for Survival and Success

  • Walter Vieira - Former chairman, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

December 2005 | 276 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Manager to CEO is the intelligent manager`s guide to understanding and surviving in the `real` corporate environment. Designed to give professionals a comprehensive overview of the 21st century workplace, this book covers a wide range of issues that senior managers face in organizations as they go up the corporate ladder.

Insightful, practical, yet thoughtful, this book provides a new perspective on progress, competition, change and many other work-life issues in a rapidly changing corporate environment. It gives unbiased and realistic recommendations, and sometimes a new slant, on issues such as power and politics, the dilemmas of a CEO, managing teams, hiring and retaining good people, creating and managing change, dealing with colleagues, bosses and subordinates, career advancement, and ethics, values and failure.

Replete with real life stories, this book is a must read for senior managers, CEOs and anyone who wishes to understand the true nature of the corporate world.
Power, Politics at Work
The Art of Self-Management
Managing People
The Hiring and Firing Responsibility
Lowering the Drawbridge
The Challenge of Change
Subordinates and Bosses
Down and Out
You Win Some, You Lose Some
Romance in the Workplace
At the Crossroads
Staying On
Ethics and Human Values
Taking People at Face Value
Discretion and Tact
Courtesy and Grace
Cooperation and Networking
Towards a Second Career

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ISBN: 9780761934141