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Management Today - International Student Edition

Management Today - International Student Edition
Best Practices for the Modern Workplace

International Student Edition

January 2020 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Today’s ever-evolving workplace requires managers to hone new skills so they can make informed decisions, manage diverse teams, and lead change. 

Management Today: Best Practices for the Modern Workplace cuts through the noise by introducing students to evidence-based management theories, models, and strategies. Experiential activities, critical thinking questions, and self-assessments provide students with hands-on opportunities to practice essential management skills. Authors Terri A. Scandura and Kim Gower provide best practices and explore timely issues like emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, and virtual teams.   Real-world cases explore good and bad examples of management, including the college admissions scandal, Theranos, and Walmart. In depth-coverage of big data, data analytics, and technology ensures students are ready to thrive in today's workplace.

Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: Becoming a Manager
What Managers Do

What is Management?

The Management Process

A Brief History of Management Theory

Managerial Roles

Managerial Behaviors

Skills Managers Need Today

Plan for this Textbook

Managerial Implications

Part II: Planning
Chapter 2: Making Decisions and Using Analytics
Make or Break Decisions

Decision Making in Organizations


Decision Traps

Creative Problem Solving

Making Decisions Using Business Analytics

The Era of "Big Data"

Managerial Implications

Chapter 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility
What Role do Ethics and Social Responsibility Play in Effective Management

What do People Think of when they Think of Ethics?

Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development (Table)

Ethical Climate (Table)

Ethical Decision Making

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility

Managerial Implications

Chapter 4: Organizational Culture and Change
Chapter 5: Strategic Management
What is Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Management Proces

Part III: Organizing
Chapter 6: Designing the Organization
Structure: Who Needs It?

What is Organizational Structure?

Dimensions of Organizational Design

Forms of Organizational Structure

Organization Structure Types

Levels of Management

Sociotechnical System and Job Design

Managerial Implications

Chapter 7: Communication
Oprah Winfrey's Conversational Competence

What is Communication?

Language Barriers to Effective Communication

Improving Organizational Communication

Communication Challenges

Cross-Cultural Communication

Managing Knowledge in Organizations

Managerial Implications

Chapter 8: Designing Human Resource Systems
Will You Be Hired by a Chatbot?

The Functions of HRM



Training and Development

Strategic Human Resource Management

Managerial Implications

Part IV: Leading
Chapter 9: Understanding Individuals and Diversity
What Would You Do?

What is Personality?

Psychological Capital

Emotional Intelligence

Diversity Approaches

Generations at the Workplace

Managing Diverse Followers

Managerial Implications

Chapter 10: Motivation

The Puzzle of Motivation

What is Motivation?

Need Theories

Goal Setting

How to Give Effective Feedback

Expectancy Theory

Reinforcement Theory

Organizational Justice

Managerial Implications

Chapter 11: Managing Teams
Are You Pulling Your (Team) Weight?

What is a Team?

Team Goals

Team Development

Team Effectiveness

Team Challenges

Using Teams to Make Decisions

Team Decision Making

Managerial Implications

Chapter 12: Leadership
Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

What is Leadership?

Leadership Traits

Leader Behaviors

Contingency Theory


Transactional Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Level 5 Leadership

Power and Influence

Contemporary Approaches to Leadership

Managerial Implications

Chapter 13: Managing in a Global Environment
Alexa is Making Some International Friends

What is Culture?

Hofstede's Cultural Values

Project GLOBE

The Impact of Globalization on Management

The Global Mindset

Cultural Intelligence

Managerial Implications

Part V: Controlling
Chapter 14: Quality Management and Technology
What is Control?

Managing Quality

Management Audits

Designing Effective Control Systems

Chapter 15: Budget Control
What is Budgetary Control?

Types of Budgets

The Importance of Budgetary Control to Management

Designing an Effective Budget


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