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Management Control and Organizational Behaviour

Management Control and Organizational Behaviour

April 1993 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Management Control and Organizational Behaviour provides an introduction to the understanding of human behaviour in work and organizations, by considering the key issue of management control. Management control is used as a vehicle for considering the interaction of formally designed administrative control systems with the phenomena of social and self-controls. The all-pervasive

organizational issues of structure, culture and power are central themes of this book.

Within these central themes, the coverage is wide-ranging over key aspects of organizational behaviour, such as motivation and leadership. The book concludes by considering trends in the

development of new types of management control in organizations.

The Organizational Context of Control
The Variety of Control Influences in Organizations
The Evolution of Motivation Theory
Motivation and Output Controls
Culture and Control
Leadership, Self-Management and Self-Control
Power and Management Control

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ISBN: 9781853961632